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Thomas Was Alone Found More Friends Through PS Plus

Posted by Sammy Barker

Keeping company

Thomas Was Alone, but now he’s the talk of the town – and according to indie developer Mike Bithell, Sony’s excellent PlayStation Plus initiative is partly responsible for the forlorn rectangle's new-found fame. Chatting with Joystiq, the creator explained that the uptake has been “ridiculous” and “amazing” through the premium service – where the game was temporarily free in Europe – clocking up more players than any other console prior. The quadrilateral platformer’s been available on the PC for about a year.

“That's exciting," he said of the sudden explosion of newcomers. “That's a whole bunch of cool players who are really into their games – that's why they have PlayStation Plus – who know who the hell I am now.”

Bithell added that the exposure could help his next project. “As someone who's making the difficult second album, I need people onside, and knowing what Thomas Was Alone is, and maybe even knowing who I am,” he added. “And that's what PlayStation Plus was awesome for. It just massively inflated my audience beyond what a normal esoteric indie platformer would have, which is great."

The next project from the British-born indie is set to be announced in the coming months, and could yet come to a PlayStation platform. Earlier in the year, the developer revealed on Twitter that he was about to show the in-development title to Sony. “You’ll know the success of this meeting in a year, when you are or aren’t playing [the game] on your PS4,” he said, before adding later that it was “really good chatting to the guys [at SCEE]”. Given the platform holder’s current mood, we’d be shocked if it hasn't already signed the project up.


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Splat said:

I haven't played this game but getting to play games I normally wouldn't buy is one of the coolest things about PS+.



naruball said:

I got the game for free thanks to ps+ and will be buying the sequel day one. Such an awesome game. Anyone who hasn't tried it yet, really needs to give it a go.

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