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Dragon's Crown Is Questing to Europe Later This Year

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Worldwide looting

A European release for Atlus' highly anticipated action RPG Dragon's Crown was beginning to look quite sketchy, but today the title was confirmed to be making the journey by publisher NIS America. Although no solid release date was given, Europe is to expect the game sometime in the Autumn.

Sporting a fantastic art style, chaotic brawling action, and addictive RPG elements, Dragon's Crown is right up there near the top of our 2013 most wanted list. Will you be joining the quest later this year? Regale us with your tales of adventure and rare loot in the comments section below.


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MadchesterManc said:

Another Jrpg for the EU Ps3 even tho Ps4 is just around the corner Honestly its announcements like this that are holding me back for a Ps4 at the moment



Sutorcen said:

By the time they will release it in Europe most of us will have it imported. When will they learn? Great news but too late.

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