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Project CARS Could Be Racing onto the PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Slightly Mad Studios seeks additional investment

Ambitious Slightly Mad Studios-developed racing simulator Project CARS could be burning rubber on the PlayStation 4, assuming that the title crosses the finish line on a further lap of investment. Following a few hiccups regarding the legality of its community-driven funding model, the title is now finally back on track – and the British-based outfit has secured rights to develop on Sony’s next generation platform to boot.

Studio head Ian Bell wrote on the WMD forums [via NeoGAF]: "I've just had a call from our lawyer and we have a solution and a system to allow investment into the project going forward," he explained. “First up, the PS4 version will be opened for investment. Yes, I said investment.”

The title is already confirmed for a PlayStation 3 release sometime next year. However, we’d love for the racer to drift onto the PS4 – especially with Gran Turismo 6 strongly rumoured to be parking on the platform holder’s current generation console.


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Scrible said:

Wow, same games coming put on ps3 and 4, why waste money on the new system? It's not like it's going anywhere



Scrible said:

Why same games coming out on ps3 and 4, I'm not wasting any money on the new ps until they stop making the same game for both of them



rockman29 said:

They would be crazy not to! It will be by far the most powerful console according to reports and rumours, and they shouldn't miss a PC to PS4 port for anything



Ginkgo said:

Never heard of this, but after doing some reading I am curious. I like racing sims, so I will keep an eye on this.

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