While the game appears to share a number of similarities with the Gran Turismo franchise, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios doesn’t foresee any crossover between the two brands. Speaking with EDGE, game director Matt Southern explained that the company is confident that its PlayStation 4 launch title will occupy a very different space to Polyphony Digital’s colossal series.

“We don’t regard ourselves as a simulation as such, that has a lot of attached associations in terms of the core experience, where it sits in the overall gaming landscape, and we’re very happy, comfortable that we sit somewhere else,” he said. “We’ve not had any resistance or issues in terms of developing this as a concept on its own.”

Southern added that it’s DriveClub’s community mechanic that will ultimately set it apart. “This game has always been about social clubs wanting to race together,” he explained. “You look at what Facebook says about the phenomenon of social networks, and they describe it as connected groups, [and] that’s what DriveClub has always been about.”

In addition to the extensive interview, EDGE also got its mitts on a selection of screenshots from the next generation launch title. We have to compliment the magazine for its clever implementation of watermarks – see if you can spot them for yourself. It took us a while, too.

[via edge-online.com]