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DriveClub Will Occupy a Different Space on PS4 to Gran Turismo

Posted by Sammy Barker

Social racing

While the game appears to share a number of similarities with the Gran Turismo franchise, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios doesn’t foresee any crossover between the two brands. Speaking with EDGE, game director Matt Southern explained that the company is confident that its PlayStation 4 launch title will occupy a very different space to Polyphony Digital’s colossal series.

“We don’t regard ourselves as a simulation as such, that has a lot of attached associations in terms of the core experience, where it sits in the overall gaming landscape, and we’re very happy, comfortable that we sit somewhere else,” he said. “We’ve not had any resistance or issues in terms of developing this as a concept on its own.”

Southern added that it’s DriveClub’s community mechanic that will ultimately set it apart. “This game has always been about social clubs wanting to race together,” he explained. “You look at what Facebook says about the phenomenon of social networks, and they describe it as connected groups, [and] that’s what DriveClub has always been about.”

In addition to the extensive interview, EDGE also got its mitts on a selection of screenshots from the next generation launch title. We have to compliment the magazine for its clever implementation of watermarks – see if you can spot them for yourself. It took us a while, too.


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Epic said:

So it will be a social game the concept sounds interesting with the PS4's share button.

PS: Found it is on the Flags.



NathanUC said:

In a way, this is kind of disappointing to me. I really like hyper realistic racing games! I'm not kidding anyone though... I'm buying it anyways



ViciousDS said:

im actually really excited, and my buddies haven't been more excited about a racing game focused around the club experience. We are not good at racing games, or by all any means good, it's just fun to label yourself a group and race together. I mean the most we get is test drive unlimited 2 and lets face it, its always been a gimmick in those games at best. I also am not a HUGE sim racing fan, I love the customization and options of GT however I am never a fan of the sim style feel to the racing physics.

I am buying this Day 1 when it comes out with the PS4.



rjejr said:

This is exactly what I said one month ago when Sammy was worried about the collision course between these 2 games:

"To me this is a really weird thing to be worried about, the kind of thing that happens to people who drink too much tea before bed at night laying there thinking up really weird things unable to fall asleep.

Drive CLUB. They are going for team racing like you find in Mario Kart, only in real time with real people all over the world with live simulcasts of the worlds top racing teams, treating the game like its Warcraft in Korea. It's all about the CLUB. It's like a squad based FPS only with cars instead of guns. Really finely detailed cars but the game is about the CLUB, not the cars.

GT, while it has some multiplayer, is mainly about solo.

End of discussion.

PS - Nobody is buying Forza due to always-on DRM. dealwithit



charlesnarles said:

Honest question: does anyone even play multiplayer with people they know? (Because I've never had the opportunity. Literally not since SC1 Sunken D have I consistently played with the same people whom I actually knew in real life.)
Do younger people do it more, maybe? I might be over the hill in my 20s lol. I'm also not on Facebook.....



NathanUC said:

@charlesnarles I only play multiplayer games with people I know. Playing with randoms is no fun and usually I tend to get stuck with childish and/or non-English individuals...

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