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GameStop: PlayStation 4 Will Launch Globally in 2013

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cross your fingers

Video game retailer GameStop has got a lot to say about the PlayStation 4. Hot on the heels of gaffer Tony Bartel’s comments regarding stock shortages yesterday, company executive Michael Hogan has hinted that Sony’s next generation platform is set to launch globally this year. Presumably, that includes Europe.

“We know that Sony will introduce the PlayStation 4 globally in 2013, but we are still waiting to see what Microsoft's final plans are,” he said at a conference call earlier in the week. “We have scenarios with one console introduction, as well as with two. Even a single launch in 2013 will drive double-digit console growth in 2014.”

Robert Loyd, chief financial officer of GameStop, added: “With Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4 releasing in the third quarter, and the PS4 launching in the fourth quarter, we expect a return to growth for the back half of the year.”

Last month, Sony said that it was aiming to release its next generation console in at least one region this year. Of course, it’s not unreasonable to expect one of the world’s largest specialist retailers to be privy to additional information. Do you think that a global launch of the PS4 is feasible? Let us know in the comments section below.


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jaydb1982 said:

I hope so. Getting my hands on my PS4 before the end of the year would be amazing. Cant wait for the PS4/Vita hook up. Im skeptical us in Europe will see its release this year but I live in hope. Sony did say it plans on manufacturing 16 million PS4s this year.



rjejr said:

Hes aid 4th quarter, so does that finally rule out all those summer rumors?



ShogunRok said:

I'm always wary of European releases but if it really does launch globally in 2013, I'll be one happy bunny (Easter joke). I don't think it'd be a good idea for Sony to repeat the delay of the PS3.



kivi95 said:

@rjejr It was never going to be released in the summer. The final PS4 dev kit will be released in the summer however.



hYdeks said:

I would like to see the PS4 come out around the time Wii U did last year, and it out in Europe and Japan. I kinda hate when we get games ahead of other regions, I think people should enjoy things all at the same time, of course reality can't work that way though



Ginkgo said:

Honestly I am not a believer in a global 2013 rollout. They will focus on Japan and clearly the US where they want to regain market share. Europe and the rest they will launch if they can, but I am not expecting anything for Christmas personally.



DeBriefBarbie said:

I'm sure Sony would love to be able to have a simultaneous global release for the PS4, but hardware availability may restrict them. As most of the clan I belong to are in England, and I'm here in the New World, I would love to see Europe get the console when we get it in the States.

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