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Diablo III Looks Largely Like You'd Expect It to on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Just another time sink

When pillaging our internal archives for a title to compare the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III to, we happened upon one safe result: Diablo III. Seriously, save for the iconic button prompts at the bottom of the screen, this trailer could easily pass for PC footage in places. That’s good news, by the way. The title’s also coming to Sony’s next generation platform, but developer Blizzard is keeping that version under wraps for the time being. You know what, though? It’ll probably look the same on there, too.

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get2sammyb said:

I thought this would have been announced for Xbox 360 and maybe Wii U by now. It's pretty crazy that it appears to be a console exclusive.



Epic said:

Can't play this game its on the list of "Games that you can't play if you want to graduate from college"



hYdeks said:

It's hard to say if I'll get this on PS3 or PS4, probably PS3 but I'm interested in seeing the difference between the PS3 version and PS4 version.

@get2sammyb yay, I'm shocked that it's a PlayStation exclusive too, you'ld think Xbox would definitely get this. Wii U would be a great choice for this game, but that would never happen, Nintendo's consoles never get anything



rjejr said:

Looks just like Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, which after 2 years we still aren't anywhere near finished yet.

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