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Call of Duty Could Look As Good As This in the Future

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pick up your jaw

Believe it or not, Activision is not content with recycling the same Call of Duty engine over and over again. The organisation’s research and development department has been hard at work on some futuristic facial technology, and while it’s going to be a long time before we see anything as good as this in the publisher’s popular military series, it’s nice to see that the company’s making progress behind the scenes.

The footage – which shows a bald man making a number of different expressions and whining about yoghurt – is being rendered in real-time using a GeForce GTX 680. Incredibly, it’s capable of running at up to 180 frames-per-second. There’s a ton more technical jargon through here if you’re that way inclined.

“For us, the challenge goes beyond entertaining,” said Activision’s technical director Jorge Jimenez. “It’s more about creating a medium for better expressing emotions, and reaching the feelings of the players.” Is it us, or has everyone caught the David Cage bug?

You can check out the demonstration in the space below. Point your peepers through here for more examples of what the company’s research is capable of. Perhaps by Modern Warfare 33, it'll actually be a reality.


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Ginkgo said:

I reckon by next next gen (say 6-7 years time) games will be hard to tell from reality.We're getting close.



Savino said:

This gen will make a lot of us scared!
We will get games later in this gen that non trained eyes will mistake as reality....

PS: I sent the BF4 link to my father (his is 70) and told him it was a movie... He believed!



Jaz007 said:

That was amazing, I can't believe how lifelike that was. If the environments look that good than too than developer kits in the future will useable by moviemakers to do special effects and animated movies.



charlesnarles said:

Mhm mhm. Just remember how "real" GT3 looked compared to GT2 back in '01 or whenever. It looks almost indistinguishable now, but our eyes will keep getting used to it and start noticing the flaws. I love it, tho. Photorealism has been replaced by videorealism!



FullbringIchigo said:

it's all well and good making fancy graphics but where they really need to innovate is in the gameplay department

graphics don't make the game but that's what game developers think is all that's needed nowadays

all flash and no substance



hamispink said:

People and moving objects will likely never look quite normal in games. They could look identical in a still image, but I can't imagine that we will ever see rendered graphics that can truly mimic the subtle movement that makes up human interaction. That being said, we are close to having games that show natural environments and cities that will look even better than real life, as the lighting, colors, and textures are used to create artistically appealing worlds.



Ginkgo said:

@Majin-Naruto while I agree with you,that misses the point. Technology is an enabler. It opens doors that creative people can walk through. Not everyone will use it well, but the tech allows for many new experiences.

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