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Sony Promoting PlayStation Meeting During Champions League

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Arsene Wenger’s squad of protégés may be in the midst of a drubbing, but at least the players can look forward to Sony’s rapidly approaching PlayStation Meeting tomorrow night. The platform holder – who has been a primary sponsor of the Champions League for some years now – has decorated the Emirates Stadium with 20th February promotions during Arsenal’s showdown with Bayern Munich this evening.

We’ll have exclusive live coverage of the event from 18:00PM EST / 23:00PM GMT tomorrow evening. While you wait, you can check out our hopes and fears for the press conference through here. There's not long to wait now.


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Musharna said:

Hope it gets more people interested in finding out what happens on the 20th.



FullbringIchigo said:

you know i watched that whole game and never noticed that ad, guess i was too busy watching the football



rastamadeus said:

I spotted this during a break in my fits of laughter at how poor Arsenal were. What a pass by Lahm just before the second goal by the way (which lead to a corner). Was so incredible at first I thought "What the hell is he kicking it there for?" as the camera couldn't keep up with him to let us see who he was passing too.



eliotgballade said:

hope this isn't a bad omen ; arsenal's sponsor years ago was "sega" (home kit) and "dreamcast" (away kit).

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