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Bungie Confirms That Destiny Will Be Fulfilled on PlayStation 4

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Developer is excited about working on Sony's new system

Already confirmed for PlayStation 3, Activision and former Halo series developer Bungie appeared at the PlayStation 4 announcement event to confirm that Destiny is on the way to Sony's new console; both versions will be available together at the game's launch.

After the extensive details a few days ago for the PS3 version, many expected the title to also make its way to PS4. Dubbed as a "shared-world" FPS, it'll feature always online gameplay, with you going in and out of others' game worlds — its ambition appears to be to provide an MMO-like experience. We imagine that with the horsepower in PS4, along with the powerful community and online interaction infrastructure that's promised, this could be a truly innovative experience in the genre.

During the presentation it was also confirmed that PlayStation gamers will have access to exclusive content, which will be interesting to follow in the coming months. So, what do you think of Bungie's ambitious FPS making its way to PS4?

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Trikeboy said:

I have a PS3, if I want this game, why would I spend hundreds of bucks to play it on a new machine? They didn't say there would be additional content for the PS4 which makes me think it's the same game.



irken004 said:

I'd hope the PS4 version does take advantage of the system's power. Though it does seem odd to make it on PS3 as well, some might be torn to buy it for a system they own already or break in their new PS4 with it.



Galvatron said:

I'm just pleased that Bungie - the creators of the finest FPS ever in Halo - are at the forefront of a Sony console and that it's a shooter.

It looks incredible, as you'd expect it to - and the riling it's caused in the xbox community is just as priceless as the thought of streaming it via Gaikai to Vita



rjejr said:

I still think it's funny that to branch out from their FPS shooter about a halo Bungie made a FPS about a sphere. I'ld bet anything "Sphere" was the working title.

@Trikeboy - Did you watch the live presentation? The PS4 isn't about graphics. The PS4 is about uploading your videos and having your friends take control of your game and remote playing your games on your Vita. Sony showed off Knack to start b/c that is more about physics and fun than graphics. Sony was smart, nobody is paying for graphical improvements after Uncharted, KZ and GoW on the PS3, but they might pay to make their every gaming victory instantaneously streamed on Facebook and Twitter and have their friends watching live.

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg bought Sony while nobody was watching?



Trikeboy said:

@rjejr I did watch it but this is a thread for the game, not the PS4. Nothing you said has any impact on my original post. I don't care about graphics and didn't even say anything about graphics. My point is simply that if I want to play the game, why would I invest in new hardware when the game is coming out on hardware I already own. You would pay hundreds of bucks so people can watch you play a game? Isn't that what video capture devices are for? They come in relatively cheap too.



Sirriana said:

I feel like this game is either going to be really really good or just going to flop and brushed under the rug but from what they said on the PS4 section on the playstation website i'm hoping its going to be great

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