Already confirmed for PlayStation 3, Activision and former Halo series developer Bungie appeared at the PlayStation 4 announcement event to confirm that Destiny is on the way to Sony's new console; both versions will be available together at the game's launch.

After the extensive details a few days ago for the PS3 version, many expected the title to also make its way to PS4. Dubbed as a "shared-world" FPS, it'll feature always online gameplay, with you going in and out of others' game worlds — its ambition appears to be to provide an MMO-like experience. We imagine that with the horsepower in PS4, along with the powerful community and online interaction infrastructure that's promised, this could be a truly innovative experience in the genre.

During the presentation it was also confirmed that PlayStation gamers will have access to exclusive content, which will be interesting to follow in the coming months. So, what do you think of Bungie's ambitious FPS making its way to PS4?