Team 17 will pay homage to James Cameron all over again this week, when its Amiga classic Alien Breed fires onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita in Europe. The top-down blaster will set you back just £6.49 for both versions, and will be buoyed by a further 20 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Those of you in North America will have to wait until 12th February to get your mitts on the game, where it will cost $9.99.

The full title will boast a bevy of cross-platform features, including cross-play and cross-save. You’ll be able to team up online irrespective of platform, as well as continue your progress throughout the campaign on the go. Additional enhancements include an overhauled visual style, though you’ll be able to revert to the original graphics if you prefer. There’s also a persistent shop, allowing you to “replenish supplies whenever necessary”.

And if Alien Breed isn’t your cup of tea, Team 17 promises that more classics are on the way. “All I can say at the moment is there may be another princely character due to leap onto PS3 and Vita at some point in the future,” creative manager Kevin Carthew teased. Any guesses? We're thinking Superfrog, and will be disappointed if we're wrong.