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Stylish Hitman HD Trilogy Trailer Dons a Cunning Disguise

Posted by Sammy Barker

You're already dead

With the release of the Hitman HD Trilogy nearing swifter than a blow to the brain, Square Enix has deployed the title’s official launch trailer in the space below. The compilation promises over 75 hits and more than 40 levels across three re-mastered PlayStation 2 campaigns. You’ll also unlock access to the previously released Hitman: Sniper Challenge as way of a reward.

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Epic said:

Planning to get this with Hitman Absolution this year



Big_Gamer said:

That didnt look very HD, altough if you havent played these games I really recommend them.



Big_Gamer said:

@get2sammyb It might be that I recently played through Blood Money on PC, and that most of this footage was from that game, that makes it look worse than it is to me.

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