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Full PlayStation Plus for Vita Details Dropping This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

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We assumed that PlayStation Plus would have already expanded to Sony’s hottest handheld by now, but the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that it hasn’t. That’s likely to change later this week, though, when the platform holder promises to reveal all about the service's expansion to the PlayStation Vita.

On the subject of PlayStation Plus’ portable spin-off, blog manager Fred Dutton exclaimed in a European PlayStation Blog post: “Full disclosure in the next day or two.” Pushed for a more specific time-frame, he added: “Not Monday. Hopefully Tuesday.”

It’s time to get those last minute bets in – what content are you hoping to net from the Vita version of PlayStation Plus?


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Savino said:

One or two launch day games for free (probably ridge racer or another filled with expensive DLCs)!
25% - 50% off to sony games (LBP, Resistance, Unit13, Uncharted)
10-15% in all catalog.



TOMBOY25 said:

@Savino i dont think it'll be that good we'll probably get some launch titles that we all already own but it'll get better over time



Squiggle55 said:

Have they officially announced it will be in the format of an instant game collection?

Personally I hope they don't give away Little Deviants or Modnation or Hustle Kings. And they had better best avoid all of the games that went on sale around Halloween.

I actually wouldn't mind being given something like Dungeon Hunter Alliance because I like the genre but wouldn't have bought it myself. I'm also really starting to hope we get a lot of big discounts on PSP classics as time goes on.



ohhaime said:

Japan is getting these..
PlayStation Vita
Sumioni: Demon Arts

Ape Quest
Crazy Taxi Double Punch

I hope we get some PSP RPGs. Also if they gave out Gravity Rush or Dynasty Warriors NEXT I would never complain about the quality of PS+ service again.

I'm sure we'll probably get Reality Fighters and Table Top Tanks and/or Pulzar.



ZeD said:

The Japanese PS Plus Collection if for both PS3 and Vita. Not one list for PS3 and one list for vita. It is a very strange way of doing it...



Savino said:

Well... If I was sony president, I surely will do something like that before thinking in a price cut.
Games like uncharted probably already paid itself, so sony can give some copies free... I mean, making a huge bundle with vita, 3 months psn plus, 3 free games (from plus, of course) would help a lot.... I guess.



Squiggle55 said:

that seems like a very disappointing lineup for Japan, doesn't it?

also, I agree with Ohaime about PSP RPGs. I wouldn't mind at all getting some PSP gems for free. And it seems like the perfect opportunity to finally give some RPGs for PS+. I completely missed out on owning a PSP so they pretty much can't choose wrong for me there.

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