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Bonkers Kissing Simulator Chulip Puckers Up for PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker


Utterly insane PlayStation 2 snogging simulator Chulip is set to get a re-release, if an ESRB rating is to be believed. The loopy love ‘em up originally released in North America back in 2007 – almost five years after it first debuted in Japan.

The adventure game – which was eventually brought overseas by Natsume – sees you stomping around the traditionally reserved community of Long Life Town, planting smackers on unsuspecting citizens in order to raise your reputation and win the girl of your dreams. Or something.

The title was both a critical and commercial disaster upon its original release, but the concept is peculiar enough to make it ripe for a place on the PlayStation Network. Point your peepers at some gameplay footage, courtesy of the video embedded below.


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Splat said:

What did I just watch? HAHA I think I'm going to pass on this...

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