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You'll Be Able to Purchase Borderlands 2 Digitally At Launch

Posted by Sammy Barker

Handsome Jack on your hard drive

If it’s anything like its predecessor, you’re probably going to want to play Borderlands 2 time and time again. As such, it makes sense to have the game safely stored on your hard drive – which is perhaps why developer Gearbox has decided to sell the title day-and-date on PSN.

Those of you in North America or Europe will be able to snap up the title on 18th September and 21st September respectively directly from the PlayStation Store. The game will set you back $59.99/£49.99, which is perhaps a little bit more than in the shops. You’ll still get access to all of the pre-order bonuses, however, including the mysterious Golden Key.

If you’re in Europe, you can pre-order the title from the PlayStation Store right now. Pre-orders on the PSN are pretty neat, because they’re supported by the pre-load feature. This essentially allows you to download a game in its entirety ahead of launch, meaning you can start playing the minute release day rolls around. Pretty nifty, huh?


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TOMBOY25 said:

im worried iv preorder'd of the uk psn at 39.99 but the ps blog states its 49.99 i want to know what gonna happen i cant afford 49.99 on one game



get2sammyb said:

@TOMBOY25 Yeah, that's odd — it looks like they've increased it. I've updated the article to reflect the changes. It definitely said £39.99 when the pre-order went up on the PlayStation Store though, because I saw it too.

I'd imagine they'd have to honour it. I've never done a pre-order through PSN — can you cancel? It might be worth getting in touch with Sony if you're worried.

I've just noticed Resident Evil 6 is up for pre-order now, too. Looks like this is something Sony is pushing.



ShogunRok said:

@get2sammyb So they pushed up the pre-order price on PSN? It caught my eye the other day and it was definitely £39.99, which is reasonable I suppose due to the advantages of having it right there on your hard drive. But £49.99 is just too much, the same goes with EA and FIFA 13 (although we all saw that coming a mile away).

And yeah, I think this is a good thing for Sony to push. If they can start shaping up PSN into something not unlike Steam then all the better.



Splat said:

I know alot of people seem to dislike digital but I'm a big fan. I just wish I would have got the 320 GB PS3 instead of the 160 GB. I was fine till I got PS+ and now it's filling up fast.

As for Borderlands I'm still playing the first one thanks to PS+ and there is just a ridiculous amount to do in this game.

That is just the kinda of game I like to have downloaded.

I'm really hoping Assassin's Creed 3 hit's PSN day one or soon after. I could see putting in some serious time with that.



NathanUC said:

Interesting. I like the idea of downloading these games better than buying them physical, but the pricing isn't up to par with Amazon yet in my opinion. Until/if I start getting something like $10 psn credit with pre orders.. I'll probably stick with physical on my PS3



Splat said:

@TOMBOY25 - Thanks. I didn't know.

@nathanuc1988 - Ya, the pricing needs some work. It takes forever for games to drop in price on PSN. I got Mass Effect 2 off PSN and was going to to get the 3rd one off PSN as well, but it was $60 and Amazon had it for $30.

I don't mind spending an extra $5-10 to get a game off PSN, but anything more than that I'm going physical.

I get 90% of my physical games from Amazon. They are tough to beat.



get2sammyb said:

I think the problem with regards to pricing is that publishers (and platform holders) can't undercut retailers just yet, because that's still where most of the sales come from.

@TOMBOY25 I imagine they'll have to honour the price you pre-ordered at, but if you're still worried, call Sony support. I'm sure someone will be able to sort you out.



TOMBOY25 said:

UPDATE: my friend redeyedronin has phone SCEE and we will be charged £39.99 happy days!

original post

its even stranger now.........iv got borderlands 2 it downloaded 3 days before its schedule and not a penny has left my psn wallet i click it and it says "this content cannot be accessed before release date" all the others like me who pre ordered at 39.99 has had the same thing happen i'll wait until release day if my £40 doesnt dissapear from my wallet by then i'll inform them so they can take it (dont wanna be a thief im happy to pay for it) btw if you intersted in writing something about it i can get a few pics for proof

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