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Rumour: PlayStation 4 Will Support 4K Resolution

Posted by Sammy Barker


The PlayStation 4 will support 4K resolution, according to a report on BGR. The website claims that the Japanese giant is betting big on the technology now that 3D has failed to invigorate the market. It is already selling 4K Blu-ray players, and will introduce a compatible 80-inch XBR LED television set soon. The PS4 will presumably form part of a company-wide initiative to get consumers investing in the technology.

The rumour corroborates with other reports we’ve heard regarding Sony's next console, so we’d bet the bank on this being true. We’re just not sure 4K resolution – no matter how pretty – is going to encourage average consumers to splash out on new televisions. Then again, everyone said the same thing about high definition, didn’t they?


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Stuffgamer1 said:

I'd really rather not see a new video standard released already...companies haven't even gotten around to finishing releasing all their best stuff on Bluray yet, and we DEFINITELY don't need to see TV prices going back up again.

But if it's coming one way or the other, I guess the PS4 may as well support it...especially if Microsoft's next system doesn't.





No no, this is great news!

A new top tier of tech always initiates and brilliant buyers market for older stuff. When I buy a TV it's always at least a year old, preferably on the wave of a new range being released. My 40" Bravia cost me less than half the price it was 18 months before, and it's a cracking TV.

4K won't be a massive step up to a 'new standard'-it's just going to be for the technophiles and early adopters out there. Blu-Ray is slowly pushing DVD to the back burner- so again, a new 'premium' format should soften prices for them too.

It will be interesting to see those prices too. Essentially most (good) remasters and new release films coming to Blu-Ray are done with a 4k scan (16 x standard def) of the (non-digital) source, and I'm fairly sure a BD50 disc should accomodate the resulting file, so production costs should remain the same, or- taking the downscale conversion process out of the equation- be a little cheaper. But I doubt it.



UnawareQuagsire said:

I will gladly take 4K TVs and such if they cost just a bit more than standard HD sets, and not overpriced bull.

Otherwise, I will have to watch how Sony goes into bankruptcy, and start to buy Samsung products, as they have better hardware for cheaper prices.



hYdeks said:

Yay, we just got HD tvs, we don't need to update already -_-

Sony, focus on the things that matter, worry about NOW, this new standard in tv is awesome, but we just got into HD tvs, wait like 15 years and bring 4K, for now, just shut up, release and awesome PS4 system, and STOP trying to cram stupid tech we don't need down our throats.




You guys need to realise that Japan has had HD broadcast television since the '90s.

It's the industry at large that is purposefully slow to milk everything inbetween. And what do you mean by 'just'? I bought my first HD TV 6 years ago, and they were available well before that.

You're not going to have to buy a new TV, but you have the option to do so.

If the console's life cycle is significant (say, up to ten years)- then I'm sure you'll be happy enough to have the 4K display option if you upgrade your TV.

If I buy a PS4 I won't be running out to grab a 4K TV, but as I say- I welcome the ability to be able to take advantage of the higher standard when I can.



Kayoss said:

When you develope something new one of the requirements that you have to look at before you start developing is longevity. Sony is looking ahead to see what could be available to consumers. I like how Sony think ahead and apply that to their products unlike Apple where they release a new iteration of the same product with a very small improvements. I rather have them add as much as they can so that it will last 6-10 years instead of releasing the same product with very minor improvements. Like KalofKrypton said, you are not required to buy a 4K TV when the PS4 is released. Sony give you that option. Many people complained about blu-ray being mandatory when the PS3 was released, look at it now... arent you glad you dont have to keep swapping discs when you play. I'm still amazed when I watch Avatar in 3D on my Sony TV.



ThreadShadow said:

Has the PlayStation's role been diminished to just a platform to push tech from other Sony divisions?



rjejr said:

I don't know what 4k is but I still don't have a 3D or LED tv yet. I bought my first LCD about 6 years ago and my 2nd about 2, and I can't wait until the WiiU comes out so I can lessen my SD viewing, but I'm not looking forward to beyond HD tv yet. I'm waiting until the holodeck.

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