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Competition: Five Copies of Foosball 2012 Up for Grabs

Posted by Sammy Barker

Twist and shout

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Grip Games to dole out five copies of the recently released Foosball 2012 to a handful of lucky readers. The top-notch PlayStation 3 and Vita title boasts a bevy of cross-platform features, in addition to an engaging single-player campaign and robust multiplayer component.

Our Foosball 2012 review commended the title’s slick arcade gameplay, and concluded that it’s “well worth a spin”. There’s more information about the game available on

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is tell us why you think you deserve the game in the comments section below. The five best answers will be sent a redeemable voucher via email. Remember to tell us which platform you’d prefer to play the title on (PS3 or Vita) and which region you’re from (North America or Europe). We’ll figure out the rest.

The competition closes on Friday, 31st August at 14:00PM BST, so don’t be a slow coach. Thanks to Grip Games for supplying us with the codes to make this competition possible.

Update: The competition is now closed, thanks to everyone that took part. The five winners are: AdamGuest1985, PhotoFool83, Magi, FuzzyYellowBalls, and HylianPhoenix. You'll all be sent a PSN code via email within the coming weeks.

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User Comments (24)



get2sammyb said:

Example Entry

I think I deserve Foosball 2012 because... I was a God at table footabll in my high-school days.

Preferred platform: PS3.
Region: Europe.



LigerZeroN said:

I play Foosball on the weekends with buddies of mine, its really fun and i bet that Foosball 2012 will be really fun as well. And i would like to challenge get2sammyb to test his godly skills, too bad we can't play against each other since we live in different areas. Hopefully we both win so that way we can have a match.

Preferred platform: PS3
Region United States.

Would be nice to get them on both PS3 and Vita .Thanks in advance.



SpikeyTheFatGit said:

I would like a copy because the place I'm living in is too small to fit a real table football table in, plus it'd be another game my kids would relish beating me at!

Preferred platform: PS3.
Region: Europe.




adamguest1985 said:

I think I deserve Foosball 2012 because...
Shamefully, my girlfriend is much better at FIFA / PES than I am. I'm hoping I might not be quite so piss poor at this game.

Preferred platform: Vita.
Region: Europe.



kcasa said:

i would like the game for my kids to play after there done with homework and i could try to beat them ether on the ps3 or on the vita



tandam2012 said:

i would like a copy coz Foosball is better than real Football, because you can drink and smoke while playing! lol

used to love these tables as a kid..... dont really see em about these days..... like pinball machines.....sad... but still, weve got lots of lovely shiny balls to be playing with on our consoles! i like balls.....small ones....

hahaha. good luck to all

Preferred platform: PS3.
Region: Europe.



jer18 said:

I'd deserve this since the older (than me) family members who enjoy games like this in a real environment, can now get into video games! And also being deprived of a real foosball table this is the next best thing!

Preferred platform: PS3.
Region: N.A.



photofool83 said:

I think I should win because I was the reigning champ at Foosball on vacation this summer, until my eleven year old niece beat me. My shame can only be relieved by practicing my skills on the PS3 version and reclaiming my title as champ next vacation. (Also, I got beat by a girl.) ((Just kidding. No offense to any females.))

Preferred platform: PS3
Region: North America



Magi said:

I would love to try Foosball for my Vita because...well...I've never played Foosball before and this would be a great opportunity to try it!
Preferred Platform: Vita please
Region is NA



tbm0987 said:

the best and only reason i can give u guys is.............. i really...........really want hurts. me likey foosball.



evya35 said:

I just because i want it.
looks cool.

Preferred platform: PS Vita
Region: North America



kivi95 said:

I would love to have it becuase a friend I used to play loads of foosball with just moved to work in another country so would be pretty cool to play with him over the PSN network with the ps move.

Preferred plattform: PS3
Region: EUROPE



Pikachupwnage said:

I deserve it because I love my Vita and it will be another game to play with my buddies. It will be very appreciated, well played and I will go for those trophies!
And I don't have a foosball table. Its been years since I have played foosball.

Preferred platform Vita(Because I don't even have a PS3)
Region North America



tbm0987 said:

ummm old school games were the #+%# back in the day. reall foosball, pinball, air hockey, table tennis. love them so much. please end my withdrawal from old school arcade games. ty?



Ron_DelVillano said:

Becauce I love Foosball, but never have anyone to play with in real life!

Also, because I'm awesome.

Preferred platform: Vita
Region: US



chazamm-182 said:

I loved the demo and rocked the game on my PS Vita. Finally a game that kept me captivated for more than 20 min. on my Vita hahaha!

Preferred platform: PS Vita
Region: US



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

I cannot even begin to imagine how much money I sunk into the foosball table in my younger days... Then came my twenties and I finally bought my very own table! And along came my thirties and I was left with a foosball table with headless figures and wobbly legs. (Those damn weighted heads can fly right off and score goals occasionally!) Now, I'm still in my thirties and have a chance to win a virtual foosball table? Alright, alright, alright!

And to be completely honest, I would really like some foosball goodness while I salivate for some Tennis action in the upcoming Sports Champions 2. (I'm so excited for Zindagi to have a proper tennis showing after their excellent simulation of table tennis!)

Preferred platform: PS Vita
Region: US

And to Grip Games, the visual style of this game is spot-on. You guys truly have captured the essence of foosball. May we have some skee-ball or air hockey as possible follow-ups? Please? Pretty please?
I'm glad to see promotions like this because we need more games like this on PSN. More recognition the better.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Oooh, If I'm selected can I please change my platform to PS3, being how my Vita is currently doing a National Park tour without me!
I need to learn to say the word "no" when it comes to friends sometimes.

Of course, I don't know if any of us can compete with the awesomeness the Besen is bringing... and I totally feel your pain. Much like yourself, I never have anyone to play foosball with these days. That goes for all the old "non-arcade" arcade games.



HylianPhoenix said:

I used to play foosball with my coworkers during my lunch break, but then the company I worked for moved out of state and took the table with them, so I have no way of playing anymore.
If I win, I'd be able to play others online.

Preferred platform: PS3.
Region: USA



tbm0987 said:

oh right im in canada and i have both ps3 ane ps vita. just look up for my "reasoning". thx...........guys?



Magi said:

I just receved my code via e-mail! Thanks a bunch Grip Games, Sammy, and PushSquare! I tend not to have much luck with winning things, so I was pleasantly suprised to see the e-mail today.

I look forward to seeing what Foosball is all about!



photofool83 said:

I am downloading Foosball now. I am so excited!! I typically don't win anything. So I'm feeling like I just won a million bucks on the lottery! Thank you much Sammy, Grip Games and PushSquare. You guys completely rock!! (And hopefully I will have a better chance at beating my niece now.)



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Many thanks to Grip Games and PushSquare for this most excellent gift! Sadly I will not have a chance to play this until after the holiday weekend, being how I'm skipping town for some fresh air and hammock time.

I am such a sucker for these types of games so I cannot express how happy I am to have won. Many, many thanks once again to all involved. I look forward to enjoying this for months on end.
For some reason whenever I play foosball I need to have nachos... It's a wicked craving. I'm hoping this doesn't occur while playing virtual foosball. :-/

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