Update: The price has now been corrected to $0.25. The original story follows.

When developer Fun Bits Interactive announced Escape Plan’s first full DLC pack during E3 last week, it promised the content would launch with a novelty promotional price-point. Following up on the PlayStation Blog this afternoon, the developer has confirmed that fee to be a mere $0.02.

Stump up the cash, and you’ll net 18 new levels, seven challenge modes and four more trophies. The DLC picks up directly after the conclusion of Escape Plan, and finds protagonists Lil and Laarg exploring a sewage pipe which takes them to Bakuki’s Asylum. In the Asylum you’ll discover new stages packed with “padded walls, shocking minions, gruesome blades of mass destruction and even more helpless sheep”. You’ll even get a couple of extra costumes.

Make sure you snatch the DLC quick, though, because after two weeks it will increase to its usual price-point of $4.99. There’s no word on European pricing just yet, but we’re hoping it follows a similar structure.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]