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Colors commented on Talking Point: Does It Really Matter That Sony...:

I don't care they didn't unveil the actual console, since as others said there's a fairly good chance it will be plastic and black. But the part I found ridiculous was Squeenix's huge showcase of a tech demo they showed a year ago. Watch_Dogs gameplay and announcement of a new inFamous made up for it though~



Colors commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation Vita Game o...:

@Kimiko Really? I find Gravity Rush extremely forgiving. No penalties for falling off a map and enemies that deal very little damage. Although I completely agree on it being too hectic at times, but I wouldn't say it was very hectic in the first four missions

@Gamer83 Those are some good games, but only Gravity Rush, LBP Vita, Uncharted and AC3: Liberation are Vita exclusive. The others are ports and available on other platforms.



Colors commented on Vita Firmware v1.80 Locks Memory Cards to Sing...:

@MattSpangz You can do that or put both memory cards onto 1 account. You can use as many memory cards as you want so long as you don't use a single card for multiple accounts.

Frankly I think this is a bad move by Sony. I only use 1 account so it doesn't really affect me, but releasing an update that restricts the Vita's memory capabilities even more during this time doesn't seem like a good move.



Colors commented on Store Update: 1st May 2012 (North America):

Gonna renew my PS+ subscription today for Awesomenauts (And the crapload of 20+ other free games I got during my membership that are nulled until I renew the subscription even though I hardly played let alone made progress on any of them and dear god why can't you release a $160 or something permanent PS+ package Sony why?) Already bought Trine 2 day 1 for $15 and don't regret it one bit; an amazing game.

Edit: And yaaaaaaaaaaay price drops on Daxter and Stardrone



Colors commented on Demon's Souls to Be Plunged into Darkness on 3...:

I'll never forget my first true experience with anither player's message. I was in the first level, and right before a staircase leading into light, I had an urge to read the note at the bottom of the stairs. "It's a trap". Not paying attention to the note, I went up and was promptly killed by a boulder.



Colors commented on Ubisoft: Ancient Egypt Too "Boring" for Assass...:

I think it was more of the terrain being plain. In America there's snow, large moutnains, etc. The animals and style of Egypt would be more interesting imo, but the exctiement would be toned down by the fact that everything is just rivers, sand and buildings.



Colors commented on Mysterious Namco Bandai Title is for PSP:

@Shinobi88 I disagree completely, I believe Sony should keep the Vita price as it is. The Vita shouldn't and doesn't need to turn into another 3DS situation. Although I do think that Sony needs to drop the price of the memorry cards, since I've all but forgot about my vita because of the lack of memory.



Colors commented on Review: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PlayStation ...:

I completely agree with the review. When I downloaded the demo and viewed the characters I couldn't help but think of the horrible GO Series: Undead Storm characters. And then the gameplay was sluggish and required way too much potion-drinking and blind attacking.