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Deal Death Differently in Skyrim Version 1.5

Posted by Sammy Barker

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There are numerous minor bug fixes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s latest software update, but the most notable improvements come in the form of new kill cameras for projectile weapons and fresh animations for melee attacks.

Anyone that’s spent more than 20 hours traipsing the city of Winterhold will know how repetitive the combat in Skyrim can get. Let's hope these cinematic updates breathe new life into the epic RPG.

For those of you that suffer from crashes after updating the game, there’s an easy fix for this: simply delete the game's entry from the XMB’s “Game Data Utility”. This will not remove any saved information, but should resolve any crashing issues. You will need to wait for the game to reinstall once you load it back up.

For the full list of updates and bug fixes, turn your attention to the Bethesda Blog.


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MadchesterManc said:

To be honest most of the bug fixing and added tidbits shouldve been done 6 months ago before release but that wouldn't be Bethesda now would it Ill probably fire up Skyrim n check out the patch when I can. Ive only clocked about 50 hours on this (had 300+ on Oblivion!) but I find it hard to put it in my Ps3 and play. Theres something terribly wrong with thi game but I cant put my finger on what it is anyone have any ideas? At least I still have Oblivion! lol



Supereor said:

Nice, I like different ways of dealing death.
Please excuse my comment, it has been edited due to negativity. Sorry, Madchester, I didn't understand your comment at first, my apologies.



MadchesterManc said:

SO I wasn't playing the game during the 50 hours Id put into it thus far? Could you enlighten me as to what I was doing then? Actually, what an I doing now? I think Im writing this reply but I may not be doing that either. Have I quantum jumped? Is this my reality? I may not be doing what I think Im doing when I think Im doing it. HELP lol In all honestly the problem with Skyrim is that its just not as good as Oblivion. I tend to avoid making that statement nowadays as what has previously ensued is unjustified. I dont think ive ever been flamed as harshly for a statement of opinion before lol The extra killcams for archery will be good inclusion. I had started to use the bow more



odd69 said:

Oblivion was a great game too, dont see why anyone would flame you for that, i kinda agree with you in a way cause i liked the industrail feel of Oblivion. Skyrim just looks better and i rather the tweaks made in it.



theblackdragon said:

@LittleBigVita: Your comment makes no sense — MadchesterManc said in their third sentence that they'd clocked 50 hours with Skyrim already. Please be nice to other people; you never know when you could be the one in the wrong.



Ginkgo said:

Started playing last night and loving it! I delayed getting this because of the initial bugs and because I knew it would be a timesink, which I was in limited supply of at the time. I love the touches like the underwater stuff. Fantastic.

I feel like a missed out a little coming to it so late, but that's life. As you can tell I'm excited.

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