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Tales of Graces F Launch Trailer Drops Ahead of US Release

Posted by Sammy Barker

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If you’ve been sorely missing the melodrama of JRPGs on PlayStation 3, then Namco Bandai’s got your back. The Japanese publisher is preparing to release Tales of Graces F in the US this week, and it’s celebrated with a trailer packed with cut-scenes and gameplay from the main game.

Sadly those of you in Europe will have to wait a little while to get your hands on the Nintendo Wii port, as the title is still scheduled for a vague summer release overseas.

Anyone planning on picking this one up?

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chiptoon said:

This is looking pretty good. Not sure if I'm quite ready for more JRPG tho, having just finished Xenoblade (92 freaking hours!) and being half way through Last Story. Both are so great, so I'm a bit JRPGed out.



WolfRamHeart said:

I have this one on order from Newegg. I am surprised that Namco was willing to localize this game so I had to show my support for the Tales series. I loved Tales of Vesperia so I am sure that I will love this one as well.



Stine said:

European release date, please. I really want this, and I'll most likely get it day one.



Mieu-Fire said:

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! this is the hole reason i bought a ps3 i put 16 hours on this game so far im a huge tales fan bring more tales games to the USA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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