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Talking Point: Your PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundles

Posted by James Newton

Welcome to the family!

PlayStation Vita's First Edition Bundle just hit North America yesterday, and loads of you have been out getting your hands on them early and telling us about it.

Followers of the Push Square Twitter have been sending us photos of their purchases, and we wanted to show off some of your day one swag. Without further ado, here's what our readers have been sending in.

@mathan416 sent us this picture of his Canadian First Edition Bundle — which is WiFi, not WiFi & 3G like its U.S. cousin — with copies of Lumines Electronic Symphony and ModNation Racers: Road Trip.


Next up is @anthonybacchus, another Canadian First Bundle owner who plumped for Uncharted: Golden Abyss to accompany Little Deviants.


@MainEv3nt_69 grabbed his north of the border bundle and has already decked it out with a neat Toronto Maple Leafs backdrop. It's all about those details.


@XvNamdeadvX let us know what he thinks of his Vita so far with this succinct photo that says it all, really.


@cowlauncher has been waiting ever since the machine was first announced as NGP, but he sure seems happy now he's got his hands on it at last.


And because you've always wanted to know how a Vita game card compares to a grape, here's @rivercityriot to oblige, showing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 next to a slightly less delicious-looking red grape.


Having imported his unit from Japan, our Vita editor Corbie Dillard has an enviable Vita collection already, as evidenced by this photo of his swag so far.


Keep Them Coming!

If you've also got your Vita First Edition Bundle make sure send us your photos so we can share your new black beauty off with the world. You can Tweet them to Push Square, drop them on our Facebook page or link them in the comments section below. Let's see what you've got!

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Nintendaholic said:

I never thought i would even think about buying this. But After playing my friends yesterday i am deffinetly buying one. But im getting a wii u first



Supereor said:


If I were you, I'd just get a Vita. Not only is the Vita PS3-compatible(which can be a Wii U alternative), the Wii U is likely not being released any time soon, not even in Japan.



nyjayc178 said:

I think the PS vita is hot, they brought us ps3 game play into our hands. And with the cloud feature it's like you never left your ps3!



Metroid133 said:

Come on March 10th (soonest I can cash my first paycheck)! 3G Vita+32GB+UC+Another game=SO MUCH WANT!



eliotgballade said:

who will be the first to swallow a memory card then fish it out the other end and see if it still works ( won't be rjer - he HATES memory cards )



gambitttt said:

actually the wii u is coming out this year. Later in the year but its not that far away. and PS dont have games like mario and zelda. i allready have my vita so im also going tp get the wii u. Besides, getting both a PS Vita and a PS3 would cost at the least brand new $500.



Darthmalstrom said:

It's Monday 5:30 pm here in Buffalo, NY and I hate everyone of you First Editioneers I hate you with every fiber of my being lol two days of torture left and I finally get the Vita I pre ordered and paid off, that's two more excruciating days of work, before my gaming bliss comes to fruition 2 days of pacing, and dreaming, and reading articles about the vita, and wishing and hoping the freaking time goes fast while waiting to finally get the best handheld ever released my best friend and I can't wait for this system, it's been the only thing we can talk about the games we'll play together the games we hope gets made for the Vita (FF anyone?) Every time we go to our local gamestop we pick up and play the floor model they have in anticipation of finally getting our hands on this shiny new hardware this is what I officially dub the pre orderers lament....

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