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PlayStation Vita

  • US 15th Feb 2012
  • EU 22nd Feb 2012


  • Review Little Deviants (PlayStation Vita)

    Control freak

    Whenever a new game system is released, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a game built exclusively to show off the various capabilities of said system. In the case of PlayStation Vita, that title would be Little Deviants. Taking a collection of minigames and building them around the unique control interfaces of Vita,...

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Little Deviants Screenshot
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Little Deviants Screenshot
Little Deviants Screenshot
Little Deviants Screenshot
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Little Deviants News

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  • News Sony Closing Little Deviants Studio Bigbig

    Too Badbad

    Bigbig Studios, developers of the Pursuit Force games on PSP and, more recently, Little Deviants on PS Vita, is being shut down after over a decade of operation. Sony will also be restructuring SCE Cambridge, partnering them with Guerilla Games to work on Killzone for PS Vita. It remains unclear how many employees will be let go from...

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    If you pre-order

    Sony already revealed the North American PS Vita release date — 2/22/12 — but if you simply cannot wait that long, the company is giving you the chance to get your mitts on the system one week early by pre-ordering a newly announced PS Vita bundle. The bundle — which currently is only slated for "select retailers" in...

  • First Impressions Little Deviants

    More than mindless mini-games

    Once I arrived in Los Angeles for E3 2011, one thing I knew for certain - I had to get my hands on Sony's upcoming PSVita system while I had the chance. And while the games I had on my list of must-see titles mostly involved games like Hot Shots Golf and LittleBigPlanet, it was actually a title I hadn't given a lot of...

  • News Little Deviants Trailer Rolls Into View

    They better not say "Bwahhh!"

    Is it just us, or do the small, zany characters that make up Little Deviants look to be a bit, shall we say "inspired" by Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids? Like the Rabbids, these petite rapscallions communicate only with grunts and groans, and are always up to mischief. "Little Deviants are causing chaos...

  • News Megaton of Little Deviants Screenshots Hit the Web

    Cuteness overload

    While we already had a tiny taste of Little Deviants thanks to this handy trailer, we were only offered brief glimpses of gameplay before being shoved back into the proverbial dark. But Sony has finally decided to shed some light, doling out fresh new screens of the game in action. In the updated gallery below, you'll get a taste...

About The Game

In Little Deviants, join the devilish deviants in a series of madcap adventures that allow players to have fun discovering and experimenting with the new PlayStation® Vita functions, including rear and front touch, Six-axis motion sensors, rear camera and the microphone.

These charismatic little creatures have crash landed from space and it’s your job to rescue them and fend off the evil Botz as you play through a variety of levels, each with a unique game that highlights the powerful features and intuitiveness of the PS Vita hardware. Little Deviants is easy to pick up and play and even more fun to re-play as you master each game, or you can share the fun with to up to eight friends in a pass around party mode. You can also update your top scores against friends in the online leaderboard.


Enjoy a series of fun-filled pick-up-and-play adventures with vibrant graphics and delightful characters that utilize the full interactivity of the PS Vita system.
Multi-touch controls on the front and rear touch pads allow players to use their fingers to slide, tap and flick to interact with the deviants and manipulate the landscape.

Utilize tilt motion control with the PS Vita’s inherent Six-axis motion sensors to steer the deviants around maps, pick up collectibles or explore their environments.
Augmented reality games utilize the system’s cameras to bring the deviants to life and into the world around you. Chase down deviants or take aim at their robot enemies as they fly around the room creating a 360° playing field.

Play through the single player mode and improve your scores, or enjoy multiplayer games for up to eight players via Pass Around mode.

Work with the Little Deviants and learn to use their abilities to boost your scores and rise up the leaderboards, viewable at anytime via a wifi or 3G connection.