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1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Vita

  • US 15th Feb 2012
  • EU 22nd Feb 2012


  • Review Lumines Electronic Symphony (PlayStation Vita)

    Brain and eye candy

    Lumines Electronic Symphony seems simplistic, but it still offers a challenge for even the best puzzlers out there. As blocks fall, you’ll have to rotate falling cubes to build blocks of the same colour into a four-by-four square; once that square is built, more blocks can be combined onto the initial block until a bar passes...

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Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot
Lumines Electronic Symphony Screenshot

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About The Game

The king of music-puzzle games returns with its first, all-new installment in over 5 years.

Lumines™ for PS Vita marks the return of Q Entertainment’s landmark puzzle series, bringing together addictive block-dropping puzzle action, an all-new 3D graphics engine, and some of the most significant names in electronic music history.

Key Features

· New block mechanics: For the first time in the series, special new block mechanics give players additional strategic options. Clear huge block combos using the powerful Chain Block, and learn to master the randomizing powers of the Shuffle Block.

· Star-studded musical line-up: Featuring some of the best and brightest names in electronic music, Lumines™ for PS Vita’s soundtrack is a diverse selection of known artists as well as original tracks composed by Q Entertainment’s sound team, providing the ultimate aural experience.

· All-new EXP system: Lumines™ for PS Vita rewards player effort and investment by providing an in-depth player profile, deep stat tracking, and a new Experience Points system that rewards every player’s play style with a level-based reward system. The more you play –whether in solo or versus play— the richer your Lumines experience will be.

· Social experience: How do you stack up against your friends? Whether you’re a new Lumines player or a veteran of the series, Lumines™ for PS Vita’s new social features will encourage you to play just “one more game.” Another level, another rank, or another reward is always within reach.

New Game Modes
· Journey mode: This mode allows players to experience the game’s carefully arranged flow and take a beautiful musical journey.
· Duel mode: Take on another Lumines player in a musical puzzle battle to the finish. Use the game’s all-new block mechanics to gain the upper hand!
· Stopwatch mode: Score as many points as you can as the clock ticks down in specially-designed stages created for maximum impact.
· Masters mode: A high-speed, high-velocity, tournament-level mode designed for the best of the best!


Using the PlayStation®VITA’s wealth of technological features, players can enjoy new ways to play using both front and rear touchscreens for gameplay inputs. Lumines™ for PS Vita supports classic D-pad controls as well.

Featuring an all-new audio-visual engine designed from the ground up specifically for PlayStation®VITA, the game features high-definition 3D graphics, highly interactive sound design, and a wealth of innovative control options, making this a true next-generation installment in the popular puzzle-game series.