Netflix FAQ

Q: Do I need to pay twice if I want to use US and UK Netflix?

A: No, you don't. If you're a UK member your account works on the US service at no extra cost.

Q: What content is available in the US that isn't in the UK front?

A: Compiling a complete list is practically impossible, but here's some of the content on US Netflix that isn't available in the UK. Bear in mind that this content can change at any time.


Mad Men: Series 1 to 4
Parks & Recreation
30 Rock: Series 1 to 5
Frasier: Series 1 to 11
WWE Content


True Grit
Toy Story 3
Hot Tub Time Machine

Q: What if I want to switch back to the UK Netflix?

A: Easy: go back to Step 3, navigate to DNS Setting and select Automatic. Proceed through the rest of the steps and you'll be back in UK Netflix land. If you want to go back to the US, just repeat the steps above. Simple.

Q: Isn't it much slower streaming the US version?

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A: We haven't done any in-depth tests but we'd have to say: not noticeably slower, no.

There — easy, right? Still got questions? We have answers on the next page in our Netflix FAQ.