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Mon 13th Feb 2012

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MitchConcannon commented on Sony, Why the Heck Have You Moved the PS4's Pl...:

I like the new change. I can see why they did it. I don't think many people used the what's new tab all that much and now you need to pass it to get to the store. Plus the store stands out more for new comers who just wanna get new games faster and this is more intising. I still think this is a valid article and people are entitled to there opinion but I like that change.



MitchConcannon commented on Sony Would Like to Give You Some Money for Buy...:

I can see Sony not making this a thing in Europe for a simple reason, They are fighting to gain control in the States. Now I hope I am incorrect and we do get this cause Awesome, but I won't be mad if we don't cause I feel through being a PS Plus member for over two years I have well gotten my spoils from Sony by now.



MitchConcannon commented on The Legend of Dragoon Spreads Its Wings on PSN...:

Man loved this game. I know its not the best RPG out there but completing each disc gave a great sense of accomplishment. Still have the original copy which advertised on ebay for a high enough price. But I'l be keeping mine in my virginity den. A place where no girlfriend can ever go.



MitchConcannon commented on Review: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PlayStation V...:

I enjoyed this far more than Uncharted 3. I know Uncharted 3 had great amazing set pieces but i had problems with everything else. No man can enter a gun fight and kill that many men after going days in a desert without water. Unless he is Chuck Norris. Still enjoyable.



MitchConcannon commented on Feature: Must-Have PlayStation 3 Games - Darre...:

I got Arkham same day i traded in my PS3 for the slim model. That was a good day. Rocksteady have built themselves a great dedicated fan base in just 7 years. Give them another 7 and see were they go. If not the top i bet they won't be far off it.



MitchConcannon commented on Tretton: "I'd be Very Distracted by PS4 Announ...:

His right. Why spend one year promoting two new consoles. Playstation Vita is looking strong for this year. I think PS4 as cool as it sounds to be hearing about it already there is still lots of potential in the PS3. few games have taken full advantage of it and thats mainly due to Cross platforms. Well done to all sony's exclusives. Each one shines brighter than anything you can see on Xbox. Only game I have any interest in on that console is Gears Of War. Tired of halo. They have very few good IPs. I can list several of Sonys. Woo went on a tangent there.

To sum it up. Keep ps4 in the box till 2013 Sony. Your doing fine.