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Sun 3rd May 2009

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JonWahlgren commented on Anarchy Reigns Attacks Western Store Shelves E...:

I'm pumped — I've been looking forward to this since it was announced and was really bummed out when it was delayed seemingly indefinitely. And the price, well, that's pretty great too.

Although I do wonder why they don't go the Tokyo Jungle route and do all-digital for even cheaper. Seems like it would reduce some risk?



JonWahlgren commented on EA Admits That Its Syndicate Reboot "Didn't Pa...:

Man, that bums me out. I know it didn't do that great but I had hoped that EA had their expectations in check for reviving a dead IP into a different genre. I thought it was a pretty cool game and one that I should get back to online.

@Ginkgo: 18+ rating just passed, starts next year.



JonWahlgren commented on Interview: Goichi Suda - Grasshopper Manufacture:

He was super nice and very fun to speak with. He also seemed to think my iPhone case was totally rad, which, you know, it kinda is! I would've loved to speak with him more but some of my allotted time was lost for translation and I had maybe 15 minutes to speak with him anyway. Hopefully I'll catch up to him another time!



JonWahlgren commented on Feature: Must-Have PlayStation 3 Games - Jon's...:

@Corbs: I don't know how many TPS you play but I think you'd really enjoy Vanquish. It translates the overwhelming action of bullet hell perfectly. Utter insanity and tough as nails to boot! There's also incredible allowance for tackling any given situation, and after my third go through I was still finding neat little tricks to use in combat. It's an incredible game.

@zezhyrule: I never said I was good at WipEout It's still tons of fun anyway I find.

@SpaceKappa: It's always a good time to pick up/revisit Vanquish! DO IT.