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Sony: "Our Studios Know They Have to Do Better with Move"

Posted by James Newton

UK boss lays it out

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has told MCV that its internal studios have to create better Move titles.

Gara revealed that Sports Champions has been the biggest seller but that other titles have put in vastly differing sales performances. Gara went on to say that it's a priority for internal studios to do better:

It is a focus from a studio point-of-view to bring out stronger titles.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Jim Ryan also chipped in:

Also our developers are making a step-change in their ability to do exciting things with Move software. And the fruits of that will be seen in 2012 and beyond.

As you'll have seen in our five Move games to watch in 2012 feature there are some big Move titles on the way in 2012, but will there be a breakout sales success to rival Sports Champions?


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Paranoimia said:

Haven't used mine for a while for anything other than Flight Control HD.

I am really looking forward to Sorcery, though. Not sure why, though - in theory, it's the kind of game I should really dislike (I'm not into spells, potions, all that Harry Potter kinda crap), but I've been looking forward to it since it was first announced.



Ichabod said:

I think they need to focus more on having Move as an option, as well as push harder to have 3rd party implement move as an option. This opens the market to more people to boost sales of the game, as well as allow us Move lovers to utilize that control scheme. If MW3 had released on the PS3 with Move support, I wouldn't have bought it for the Wii instead. lol



MrJimmy said:

My biggest complaint isnt more games. They need to make the games that we already know work well with move controls better. These games should be realistic and the controls should be near flawless. The easiest should be a REALISTIC bowling game with SOLID Move controls. This is just one simple example, most sporting games except for Sport Champs have failed miserably in my opinion. Do the simple things right and your are golden. Dont even get me started on shooters.

At least they seem to be re-focused. Lets hope so, my Move has been dormant for a while now.



Azzwan said:

Someone please make a Star Wars game for the move. I am am crying out to use my very own light saber.




Star Wars would be 'the Killer app' obviously.

But I agree that more efforst should be made in quality control. has anyone tried Time Crisis: Razing Storm with Move? It's awful, I have tried everything I've found suggested calibration wise and the curser still wanders. How this got through is criminal. It fares better with just the Move controller in hand, as essentially you're just moving the crosshair-but use any shooting attatchment- including the Sharpshooter - and try to aim then you realise just how broken the Move implementation is. We know the Move works, we know it should be perfect for a game like this- so why isn't it?

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