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PS Vita Takes Augmented Reality to New Dimensions

Posted by Christopher Ingram

Exploring new depths

Sony has been keen on bringing augmented reality games to their portable system since the 2009 PSP release of Invizimals, which offered a Pokémon type of gameplay where you capture and raise creatures to battle them. Unlike Pokémon though, real world surrounds had to be explored to find these creatures, which is only possible via the use of augmented reality technology and a camera mounted on the PSP. The game went on to spawn a sequel and has since been a staple of the PSP library.

Long-time Sony fans know that augmented reality didn’t actually start with Invizimals; it goes further back to 2003 with the release of the EyeToy, which offered numerous controller-less motion controlled augmented reality games throughout the years and was the beginnings of the PlayStation Move, which has also pushed augmented reality gaming further with the EyePet series.

PS Vita is looking to take augmented reality game’s another step further through the use of Wide-Area Augmented Reality (WAAR). Where Nintendo's 3DS uses a single AR card to produce an image and centre point of focus to play augmented reality mini games, Vita takes this to an entirely new level by being able to focus on multiple cards at once. This creates pseudo-realities out of everyday things in life and the amazing effects can be seen first-hand in the video below:

Upcoming games like Reality Fighters and Tag already show that developers are interested in the augmented reality features that Vita can offer. But how far will augmented realities actually go with Vita in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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Paranoimia said:

It will be interesting to see how some of these work with the screen being mobile. Games like Flickball I can see working with PS Eye on PS3, as you have a fixed camera and a fixed screen to look at. With the Vita, both the screen and camera are (obviously) constantly moving, so I can imagine the game being quite difficult to play. Unless they plan on coming out with a Vita tripod...



Scissors said:

Yeah Pulsar and Pocket War look fantastic, everything else looked impressive, but boring



James said:

@Shadow100 They only announced WAAR recently but from what I understand they're free PSN downloads. Will check up for you though.



Chalen said:

Looks amazing but only problem: how do I hold the Vita and move and the cards?



Slapshot said:

@Chalen Haha... that's what we're wondering too! We shall see in due time though and when we do we will let you know.



pntjr said:

Hmmm... Intresting how Augmented Reality is taken to the next level and is being used in actual physical games than just a pre-download gimmick. I'm exited yet scared how this will play out.



gamrgod5 said:

STOP IT, JUST STOP IT, SONY! Now augmented reality, too? What else could you possibly extract from the 3DS now? "We've been working on this technology since 1738. Ours is bettah cuz of ta garfix!" Watch the Vita have hidden 3D abilities for them to announce later. And a third analogue stick.



michiganurse said:

What do they so about flattery? Well what the hell do your thing Sony I love it! If it will ad to my gaming experience why the hell not? And if you can do it way better than Nintendo that makes it even better.

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