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PlayStation Vita

  • US 22nd Feb 2012
  • EU 22nd Feb 2012


  • Review Reality Fighters (PlayStation Vita)

    Reality pales

    Novarama’s not new to the concept of augmented reality: the Spanish studio’s been layering polygonal worlds on top of our bed sheets for years now with the Invizimals series, but Reality Fighters is a change of direction for the studio. The developer’s kicked out the cute creatures and laborious combat from its Pokémon-inspired...

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Reality Fighters News

  • News Digital PlayStation Vita Titles Plummet in Price

    Delicious discounts

    Who said Sony doesn’t understand the handheld market? The platform holder has launched an eye-popping sale on the European PlayStation Store this afternoon, plunging a handful of first-party titles into impulse purchase territory. As of this afternoon you’ll be able to nab Everybody’s Golf, ModNation Racers: Road Trip and...

  • News Reality Fighters Knows Exactly Who to Call


    Mr. Miyagi’s status as Reality Fighters’ primary 80s icon is in jeopardy, as Sony has announced plans to release new Ghostbusters themed content for the augmented reality brawler. The Ghostbusters Pack is set to release on 22nd May, and will include two brand new costumes based on the cult classic. Outfits include the traditional...

  • News Mr. Myagi is Reality Fighters' Sensei Tutor

    Ready your chopsticks

    Vita's upcoming Augmented Reality brawler Reality Fighters just got injected with a heavy does of nostalgia, as Sony has announced that Mr. Myagi will serve as the in-game tutor. The Karate Kid sensei will walk you through the basics of the game and also serves as an unlockable character. He is outfitted in the...

  • First Impressions Reality Fighters

    Hard to beat?

    Novarama’s one of the few developers that’s actively pushed the potential of augmented reality. Alongside Sony Studio London, the Spanish developer has been instrumental in driving camera-based experiences on the PlayStation Portable — conjuring up the inspired, but flawed, Invizimals series. While the Pokémon-inspired franchise...

  • Feature PS Vita's First-Party European Launch Line-up Revealed

    Ready and waiting

    Sony has just revealed the complete list of first-party games launching on PS Vita across Europe on February 22nd of next year. The list includes games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Escape Plan, as well as the two new PS Vita games just announced. Browse the full list below, an

  • News Watch the PSVita Do Face Recognition and Giant Dinosaurs

    Quite the capable camera

    One of the PSVita's most alluring new features is it dual cameras, capable of creating some pretty impressive augmented reality. We've already seen how games like Reality Fighters can project street brawls into backyards, tabletops and looming cityscapes, and a video posted by Sony a while back gave us a brief glimpse of an...

  • News Reality Fighters Lets You Punch Your Own Face

    And a friend's

    Sure, the cameras powering the PS Vita offer all new ways to play with augmented reality, but did you know they also make it easier for you to punch your friends on the face? Reality Fighters, an AR fighting game that lets you pit brawlers against each other in real-life environments, also features the ability to snap photos of you...

  • News Reality Fighters Gets First Screens

    Put your dukes up

    Reality Fighters had yet to be "officially" announced until today, but briefly appeared in the initial montage of NGP games Sony put together shortly after announcing the handheld. While that momentary glimpse offered little more than a peak, these new screen offer up more aspects about the title, like the different...

About The Game

Using the Vita's rear-facing camera, see fighters come to life wherever you go!