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Talking Point: Should Move Controls Become the FPS Standard?

Posted by James Newton

Can you go back to twin sticks?

There's been plenty of praise given to Killzone 3's PlayStation Move controls: precise and engaging, they help to take Guerilla Games' sci-fi shooter into the upper reaches of PlayStation 3 titles. Having spent major time with both control methods here at Movemodo, there's no doubt which scheme has the upper hand when it comes to online play, as well as simply making the game more enjoyable. It's Move all the way, and Guerilla Games deserves its praise.

However, Killzone isn't the only first-person shooter in Sony's stable: later this year we'll see Insomniac's Resistance 3, but at the time of writing there's been no announcement of Move controls, though Insomniac did say it was still undecided back in December. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, there are no Move-compatible first-person shooters heading to PS3, which naturally got us thinking: why not?

With Killzone 3, Sony wanted a flagship Move title to convince the hardcore to buy into motion gaming, and next month's release of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs will try to do the same thing, but after that there's not another high-profile Move-controlled shooter.

In fact, recently we've heard more from developers about why they're not using Move in their first-person shooters: Portal 2 was the subject of a recent Move rumour and EA's Crysis 2 won't feature Move because, according to senior producer Hasit Zala:

We felt that in terms of what we were doing and the controls we needed, it didn't really lend itself to the kind of gameplay experience we were looking to achieve

Naturally, after getting used to the Move controls in Killzone 3 many gamers will find it hard to adjust going back to DualShock 3 controls. While we're not suggesting every first-person shooter on the system should use motion controls — though we wouldn't complain if they did — it's up to Sony to prove the controller's worth by supporting it heavily with its own projects.

We're aware that shooters aren't the be-all and end-all of Move, and it's important the controller proves its worth in other genres to convince gamers to stick with it: unusual titles like Sorcery and No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise should do the trick.

Do you think Move controls will begin to overtake the standard dual analogue set up in PlayStation 3 shooters, or are you happy to keep them in certain games only?

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Wastedyuthe said:

I think they should at least have a Move option in all FPS' or TPS' now, to let the player decide their preferred method, and Sony should push for this to be the case.
I also think multiplayer instances should recognise who is using DS or Move and have Move only/DS only multiplayer match options.
It's sad to me that some of my favourite games have already been released a good while ago and will no doubt never receive a Move patch to make them compatible, such as the excellent Rainbow Six Vegas and its sequel. Those with Move would be my perfect game (hoping SOCOM at least comes close)



naiyo said:

Yes it should be standard but because of the wii and how that didn't try to be in high profile games and when it did the graphics was just too bad or the game was on rails, no developer can see that it could work better on the PS3 because it had the better graphic and more of a hardcore audience to try it.



Strofan7 said:

I think it should be standard for all to have it, but to still have dualshock controls as well.

Oh, and here's what Insomniac really meant: "We are going to let Killzone 3 do the dirty work and see how it sells before making a decision."



EdEN said:

I've been playing FPS with pointer controls for years (you know, on the Wii) and I've only tried Move here and there but I can honestly say that going from Nunchuck+Wiimote back to dual analog felt weird and it took me a while to readjust a bit... but I just couldn't get it right again.

@naiyo: Metroid Prime 3 (and Trilogy), Red Steel 2 and World at War (and the CoD after that) are all great examples of games with high production values and excellent pointer controls.



theaugster said:

I think it should become the standard in an attempt to move the genre forward. It has a much more natural feel and works great as long as the game is developed around it. They did a great job with killzone 3



naiyo said:

naw not to the standand of a PS3 / 360 game. Metroid Prime would have brought some more players and kept them if they put in online multiplay. Red Steel 2 and World at War are great games and i brought both along with CoD4 wii and Black Ops but because they are on the wii and the big seller on the wii are family games and not these... the industry are not looking at them. If the graphics was there for both to fight a PS3/ 360 game then i think more ppl would look at them more. I still got friends that think the wii/move FPS game like Killzone and MAG you have to stand up and move your arm around crazy without a Nav/Nunchuck because they are comparing it to wii sport or just dance. nintendo didn't help by not giving these games proper ad/ exposure as a sit down and play it like a normal player games. Sony is about to do this too if they don't force these game to play fully with the move and i mean all games. There is not one type of game besides 2d style fighters that can't use the move. I think zelda can help this because it uses motion+ for everything in the game and they force it and all game nerds have to play that game because it zelda and developers have to try it because its zelda. lol



lipnox said:

I think it should be optional for every FPS and TPS. and i think it would be cool to see the same implementation that was done for that lab rat game in contra styled games, last i think it would be awesome if they would let you customize all ps3 games with move controls, like for example taking the killzone 3 control scheme and adding it to every fps already released(like pregame customize all buttons or something) part of the reason I say this is because half life 2 is fully playable with a wii mote on the pc. some people dont like move controls and thats fine but I dont see why I cant have a generic way of implementing some sort of move control into every game. I find the best example of this concept is smash bros brawl and the conduit. give the player the choice in how they want to use there controller is something all move games should include.



RonF said:

Developers should let customers choose to play with the controls they want. After I played my first FPS in the Wii I could never go back to dual analogs without feeling they were poorly fitted to the task.



Slapshot said:

I do think that all the future PlayStation 3 Sony Exclusive FPS titles should be required to implement Move controls.

Killzone 3 proved that Move is a viable control method, and one that can even be found to be better than analogue joysticks, but the game has to be developed with Move controls in mind. I don't know if a Killzone 2 Move patch would have the same effect as the Move controls do in Killzone 3. I wouldn't mind finding out for myself as I really disliked the controls in Killzone 2 with the Dualshock controller.



cgc76 said:

As mentioned quite a few times above, I think Move controls should be a Standard Option on all games..! Like a Driving Wheel is to Gran Turismo.

I wish they would come up for a patch for the older games like Call Of Duty MW or Rainbow Six. Move should be a Standard Option... Let the Players decide..!



GoldenCannon said:

After playing Killzone 3 with Move Sharpshooter, I would not go back to the Dualshock but only when my hands gets tired I will. So yes, Move should be the standard on all games including FPS. KZ3 works very well with the Move and alot more immersive



Wastedyuthe said:

@ lipnox: "... i think it would be awesome if they would let you customize all ps3 games with move controls ..."
Yea that would be cool for this to be built into the firmware of the PS3 to tell it, as an example, that for Rainbow Six I want the Move to take over the right analog stick control and T to replace R1 etc.



danschemen said:

i don't think it will and even though i really like it i would prefer to just use the normal controller



s1x said:

killzone 3 + move = awsome
battlefield 3 + move = more game sales
but sony will probably let another great opportunity slip



Slapshot said:

@s1x.... Don't expect Battlefield 3 to have Move support. It would be great if it did, but it's not a Sony owned title.

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