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The German PlayStation blog announced Portal 2 has Move support, then quick as a flash Valve said that Portal 2 doesn't have Move support. Now the company's spoken about the mix-up and revealed why the controller won't feature in its upcoming puzzle adventure.

Valve writer Chet Faliszek spoke to Eurogamer about the confusion and explained Move has no place in the game for one reason: quality.

I'm not sure it would make the game better. Obviously there are a bunch of games the Kinect and the Move absolutely made better and are for. But for this, where we had started from day one not thinking about that, it would not.

That said, when asked by Eurogamer if support for the controller would be patched in future, Faliszek replied with a simple "who knows?"

While we're happy Valve isn't content to develop Move support half-heartedly, it's still disappointing we won't be able to shoot portals with PlayStation Move.