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Mon 21st Jan 2008

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RonF commented on Review: Top Spin 4 (PlayStation 3):

It seems they added the same terrible controls they developed for Top Spin 3 for the Wii. So far, it seems that Gran Slam Tennis will remains as the only viable choice for a motion controlled tennis videogame.



RonF commented on Move Controls in BioShock Infinite "Would Chea...:

What a stupid comment! Before reading, I thought he was going to give an escuse for not having resources to add more feature. However, after reading, I believe that his statement is better explained by ignorance of the facts and lack of wisdow to keep you mouth shut when you don't know the facts.



RonF commented on Swing Around with Move-Enabled Top Spin 4 Demo:

Just played the demo and I find it lacking. As a matter of fact, Top Spin 3 for the Wii was equally bad and it seems they didn't tried to improve their controls. I was expecting to be at least on par with Grand Slam Tennis, which definitely plays closer to real tennis.



RonF commented on Talking Point: Should Move Controls Become the...:

Developers should let customers choose to play with the controls they want. After I played my first FPS in the Wii I could never go back to dual analogs without feeling they were poorly fitted to the task.



RonF commented on Virtua Tennis 4 Move Footage Shows a Lot of Balls:

I find hard to control positioning under FPV, as it is almost impossible to track the lines without resorting to some sort of wide angle distortion. What I want to know is how realistic they will treat the swings.



RonF commented on Be Michael Jordan with Move Support in NBA 2K11:

As much as I would like to have a great basketball game with motion controls, I have to point out that 2K failed last year with the Wii and this I have little confidence they will be able to do it right now.