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Killzone 3 Dev: "Shooters Will be Played Like This in the Future"

Posted by James Newton

Sees bright future

Many Move owners have been putting the controller through its paces in the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta, and developer Guerilla Games is so happy with the controller's prowess it foresees a big future for pointer-controlled first person shooters.

Principal programmer Tommy de Roos of Guerilla Games spoke to CVG about the controller's potential impact on future entries in the FPS genre, stating that many hardcore gamers have been won over by the pointer controls.

I think, as this develops, in a few years most of the first-person-shooters will be played like this. I really think so. Maybe not the Move specifically but a pointing controller like this.

If there's one genre popular enough to support its own unique, performance-enhancing controller – other than racing, naturally – it's without a doubt the first-person shooter.

Do you agree that future FPS games will be played with pointer controls instead of dual analogue sticks?


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MadchesterManc said:

The killzone3 beta is sublime with the Move once you have the settings all set up with how you prefer them. Ive got a 1.68 k/d ratio at the moment so anyone saying it doesn't work and a pad is better just haven't opened up to the control. The 'turning' issue people have a problem with doesn't exist on killzone3 (and MAG) if you work on your set-up. The increased accuracy and fluidity in aiming cant be denied. People just don't like change...its that simple. Its amusing how some gamers are up in arms over this when they have the choice to use the Move or not at the moment. If you don't like the Move for FPS, don't use it and stop whinging. You may not like it but it doesn't mean everyone else does



JamieO said:

I held back from getting the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta, because I am only buying one full-priced game this month, so I am waiting until the 25th Feb. UK launch to experience it in full as a li'l treat to myself.

I really loved the grit, detail and weighty physics of Killzone 2, I completed it, so I'm quite used to playing the game with DualShock 3. However, I am not even going to touch my DualShock when I play Killzone 3, I plan to play it all with the Move set-up, because I am really excited about how its pointer controls provide a fresh experience for this franchise. I'm pleased to hear reports back from gamers like @MadchesterManc that Move has had a positive impact on accuracy.

If only I had a stereoscopic 3D telly... I have read that Killzone 3 is a real showcase for 3D gaming on PS3.



hamispink said:

I don't know if everyone will play shooters with move(or other pointers) in the future, but I know that I definitely will be!



lipnox said:

Ive been saying what this topic says ever since Playing The Conduit on the Wii. while the looking left and right needs a solution anyone who has been playing Modern Combat knows the Move is the definitive controller for Aiming in FPS's on the console. My personal idea for how the move can handle the problem was an idea from of course "The Conduit" basically add a function to allow quick 180 degree turns and make every shooting game supporting Move have 100% customizable controls (different gun molds, different people, different room setups customizable controls is a must have feature). allowing people to quickly turn behind them with a simple button press like X O or L1 would prevent people who are using the Move from being quickly rushed and left disoriented only to be quickly pwned in non team elimination game types.



SkumF said:

I love the move controlles in killzone 3, but whats with the autoaiming using the move? When pressing L2 it autoaims on the target closest to you. This must be a mistake not removing this in the multiplayer part. Anyone else that can do this or have any information about it?



Wastedyuthe said:

Completely agree with MadchesterManc and Hamispink.
Having played FPS's on the Wii this way for some time, I am completely used to the method and prefer it for its accuracy and more of a sense of actually aiming. All the developers need to do is allow plenty of options for configuration so players can adjust to their own preferences. Games can easily fail with the lack of control options- its happened on the Wii, and it will happen with the PS3 Move too, as well as future consoles.



Swolern said:

I used a gun accessory with move on MAG and it worked great. A little hard to get used to turning at first, but actually pointing a gun and shooting an opponent online was extremely immersive and very satisfying. Can't wait to use the same move setup with KZ3 on my 3dtv. Gonna be sweeeeeet!



din_djinn said:

I'd like to see a developer try using the Move a bit more like a mouse, so the crosshairs are locked center screen and moving the Move controller is like moving your head.. not sure I'm being clear, but it's a different approach than what's being done currently in KZ3, ModComDom...



Wastedyuthe said:

Yes I seem to remember the developers giving the Wii version of Call of Duty 3 that option- to have the crosshairs stay at the centre of the screen while you use the controller to look/turn. It worked ok, but I don't think many gamers went for it, and it was an option not used since in future games from what I know.



lipnox said:

I know people who stopped playing blackops because they changed the button configuration of 1 thing and I praise any game that lets me fully customize my controls which so far are Super Smash Bros Brawl, and The Conduit only. My Biggest wish is that with LittleBigPlanet 3 they allow me to use the D-pad to move around, the game would play about a trillion times better with a d-pad then it does with the control stick and its sad the only way to use the d-pad is via user made levels with sackbots programmed to use that control scheme.



GoldenCannon said:

I've been playing Killzone 3 beta online with the Move sharp shooter and it is awesome. Once you get used to it, it's actually faster then the normal controller. I get more kills with the sharp shooter then I do with the DualShock. If you are a shooting fan or a casual gamer I would recommned to purchase the Move and try it out for yourself. You wont be disappointed. Playing with the Move adds a new experience that cannot be had using the normal controller, it feels as though you are actually in the game holding a real gun. As I happen to own a 3D TV it works well and adds depth to the game and the graphics is insane.

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