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@Kidfried Hmm. The two aren't mutually exclusive, though (portable mode vs. comfort of your own home). The great thing about portability is that you aren't tethered to a TV. Want to play while you're watching the laundry? You're good to go. Want to play under the covers of your bed? Ditto. Toilet? Yep.

Certain social situations are ideal for it, too. Long car ride where conversations aren't a feature? It's great. You can play it during breaks at your job. If you happen to be waiting somewhere for extended periods of time.

Even if I only play in situations where the game assumes my full attention, it's still vastly more convenient for me to not be tethered to a TV when I play.

So, while it sucks that games often look somewhat worse than they do on more powerful home consoles and PCs, I find that the additional comfort of the arrangement makes up for it.

The price difference will be a bit much to swallow, but it's not a huge deal for a game I might spend 100+ hours playing.

I was never a fan of the aesthetics of GB-era Zelda titles, personally. The sprites were squat and kind of ugly. Which might be a funny thing to say, growing up with the Gameboy myself.

This remake, though? It's beautiful. It looks like little toys are moving around. It makes me happy just watching it. And, since you live in Europe, you might want to check out the special edition, which has a steelbook that looks like a phat brick Game Boy. It's also very nice looking.

Not sure about full retail for such a short game, though. If the dungeon creator aspect is fleshed out, it might very well be worth the price, though.


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@Ralizah I don't expect anything beyond the main game really. But if they nail that, then for me that's enough really.

The dungeon creator sounds like a slapped on gimmick (like multiplayer in Phantom Hourglass), but who knows... it might end up being brilliant. I'll keep an open mind!

I grew up on GameBoy Zelda too, and for me that is the canon Zelda aesthetic. Oh well, different folks, different strokes.

Regarding cinematics. I wasn't dissing handheld in general. Many games are perfectly suited to the Switch screen. Some will feel even more naturally on the go than on the 'big screen'.

To me, and I understand you might feel different, The Witcher -being a fantasy epic, which focuses on being a cinematographic experience- would lose a lot of its appeal on the go.

To me watching The Lord of the Rings or Avengers at home is a wildly different and better experience than watching it in transit for instance. That's why I'd recommend against it.



I'm amazed they have got The Witcher 3 running at all on Switch. Can't see it perfoming well in portable mode though.

Was the new Metroid game not mentioned?

We are now in a world of people being offended for other people who they think should be offended, who arent offended.

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Link's Awakening is one of my favourite Zelda games. I wasn't particularly in love with the visual style after the initial reveal, but think I've been won over based on the E3 footage. It looks so cute! Nintendo really need to learn to tier their prices more because £60 for a remake of a Game Boy game is a lot.

Breath of the Wild 2 will no doubt be excellent, but it was really only a tease. Surprised that it's a direct sequel, possibly in the same world. If they reuse assets to speed up development we hopefully won't be waiting too long compared to the usual Zelda wait.
I'm hoping for a return of proper dungeons, which is an aspect I missed in BotW. Not sure what changes there will be in the overworld. Breath of the Wild's world is massive, so Nintendo need to make it compelling enough for people to want to explore the same map again if that is what they're going for. It looks like it will be a lot darker in tone; the teaser was a little scary!

Animal Crossing is basically Animal Crossing, so I'm happy with that. Next March means I probably won't get it at launch because of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The latter could well be delayed anyway!

I actually came away most excited by the Smash Bros. DLC. The Dragon Quest heroes look great and I love that they can use spells from a menu. Banjo-Kazooie is hugely exciting given it's owned by Microsoft. I'd love to see classic Rare games released on the system. How big is Rare Replay? Would it fit on a cart?

@Ralizah Yikes the toilet?! I've never taken my Switch out the house for fear of being robbed. 😂 For me personally being portable isn't inherently enough to make me want to get the Switch version of a game over the PS4, but it depends very much on the title. Many games - mostly third party - do not run very well in handheld mode and that's admittedly a big turn off. A game like Witcher 3 has alarm bells ringing, but I would be massively impressed if they do get it running at a decent resolution in handheld mode.

@JohnnyShoulder No Metroid this year. If the only started from scratch earlier this year we could be waiting a looong time. :-/


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@mookysam Original Zelda game that takes up to 100 hours to complete: €60.
Remake of old Zelda game that takes around 10-15 hours to beat: €60.

That's Nintendo.

Sony and Microsoft have their share of budget titles. State of Decay was only like €30. SOTC, Ratchet & Clank, Gravity Rush Remastered, Tearaway Unfolded, Wipeout Collection, etc. all were €40. Link's Awakening feels like a €40 game too IMO.



@mookysam I'd say Nintendo know exactly what they are doing with their pricing to be honest. The games are expensive, they are rarely if ever discounted but regularly hang around in the charts.


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@mookysam I think it's interesting that Nintendo showed us a teaser of BotW2 at all because they used to only show us a logo when announcing new games (Metroid Prime 4, Animal Crossing etc). Hopefully they'll continue to do more teasers in the future when announcing their games!

And yeah, the pricing of Link's Awakening is ridiculous. I would pay on a good day at most €30, that's it. Charging the same price as BotW is so bizarre to me.



@mookysam 540p in handheld mode for The Witcher 3, apparently. Not fantastic, but not the end of the world, and, if the framerate is reasonably stable, it's a massive accomplishment.

I don't care too much about tech downgrades in Switch versions of games as long as it doesn't harm the gameplay. I only get irritated with lesser performance on my stationary systems, as they're not offering me anything in exchange for the lessened performance. TW3 on PS4, for example, only runs at 30fps at best, versus 60fps on a decent mid-range rig. Unlike the Switch, which offers full portability, this would be a much bigger deal to me on PS4.

I have my limits, of course. Any game that consistently goes well under 30fps isn't good for me. Also, the occasional game, like Xenoblade 2, is optimized incredibly poorly for handheld play.

Otherwise, it's not a big deal. Portability is so inherently valuable to me that, more often than not, not only will I opt for the Switch version over a PS4/PC version, but I'm willing to pay more as well. Like $60 for TW3 on Switch versus $15 on PS4/PC.

I did go with the PC version of DOOM, though. The framerate is actually really important to me with that game, and the real clincher was that gyro aiming with the DS4 on Steam can be customized to be more responsive than the gyro in the Switch version!

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Oh wow, that Yunalesca fight absolutely sucks (Final Fantasy X).

I actually cruised through the first two phases without much trouble, but with their first move of the third phase they launched a spell that took out my entire party in one hit (and this was even with Yuna under the effect of Lulu's Focus, and her own Shell spell). I had managed to refrain from using anyone's overdrives, so I was planning on absolutely crushing the boss my next turn...

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