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Managed to mop up Titanfall 2 single player campaign on XB1 and also just finished Oxenfree on Switch. Absolutely loved Oxenfree - one of my favourite games I've played this year.

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I've just finished Star Wars The Force Unleashed via backwards compatibility on my Xbox One X. I have had it for years and just not got round to playing it. It was quite a decent game although it certainly shows its age in the graphics department.



Since my last post I've finished three games:

Shantae - Fun Metroidvania game with memorable characters and great dungeons. Loved it from start to finish, although it could get quite hard trying to navigate in the game without a map.

Kirby Triple Deluxe - Thoroughly enjoyed this game. I haven't played a Kirby game since Kirby's Adventure Wii six years ago so I was all ready for a new Kirby game and this one did not disappoint. It had tons of content, both in terms of collectibles but also new modes. I especially liked that you had to collect all the Sun Stones in a world in order to unlock a bonus stage (and you also needed some of them in order to unlock the final boss of that world and progress), which was cool. Collectibles actually serve a purpose in the game in other words.

Dead Space Extraction - Just finished this game today and it was bloody brilliant. I expected it to be a standard on-rail shooter, but this game actually stays true to the Dead Space formula quite a lot, and it had a compelling story to boot with a lot of characters to get to know. Shooting with PS Move's motion controls worked splendidly and it was actually fun trying to aim with a pointer on the limbs of the Necromorphs. It always felt so satisfying.

Just a side note: I'm actually really getting tired of the games reusing the Ishimura setting in every freaking game. DS1 took place entirely on it, DS2 had a fairly long section with it again, and in Extraction you literally spend half the game on the Ishimura AGAIN. I swear to god if DS3 takes place on the Ishimura, I'm going to scream, lol. Just give me something new and interesting!

Regardless, the Dead Space series is still my favourite horror franchise.

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Just a couple of recent completions.

Forgotton Anne A simple adventure-lite game. On the whole I enjoyed the story, which has very interesting themes, but it is let down by some poor voice acting and one or two hammy scenes. The controls are also a little sluggish. Very beautiful visuals.

Bloodstained Curse of the Moon I really enjoyed this! 8-bit styled in the vein of classic Castlevania, with great pixel art and well composed chip-tune style music. It shines on the gorgeous Vita screen. The game has very tight controls and nice varied level design. Additionally the difficulty scales well as you progress, and it is never controller-breaking rage-inducing difficult. You can control up to four characters (with instantaneous switching) - each has different abilities enabling exploration of alternate routes, which I enjoyed. I will replay this as there are a few different modes and ways of playing the game.



I finished Sexy Brutale yesterday. I must admit being a bit disappointed by it after hearing such high praise for this title. Felt constant stress throughout the game due to the clock mechanic. And that's in part due to the fact that I think the gameplay could have been tighter.

I liked the game, though. It's a 7-ish game for me.

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Just finished Bayonetta on the Wii U. I've been wanting to play through this game in forever and I finally completed it. Absolutely phenomenal game! It reminded me heavily of the DMC games but unlike the first two ones, Bayonetta was much more fun, less stressful and had a more interesting story as well as more memorable characters. The gameplay was really varied and satisfying which kept me going from beginning to end. I'm so glad that I played it, it's definitely one of my favourite action/beat 'em up games now.

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@Kidfried Just finished the game as well and really loved it. I understand that a ticking clock in a puzzle adventure game provides an undesired stress factor but think it was implemented very well here. For me the thrill of discovering a new secret just before midnight and start over with the new information was really satisfying.

The style and audio is where the game really stands out IMO.

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Just finished Hidden Agenda on PS4, and it was a fairly disappointing experience. I felt like the outcome of a lot of the choices in the game did not make sense and at the end of the game, a small choice like deciding where to hide would determine whether your character would live or die and there was no indication of which choice was better. I remember there being choices like that in Until Dawn, but unlike that game, if you'd lose a character you could still get a decent ending since there are so many playable characters in the game. In Hidden Agenda you only play as two characters and if one of them dies, then you get the bad ending automatically, so it's much more punishing than Until Dawn.

The game also didn't feel gratifying. I managed to examine all the clues that I could find and I didn't miss a single QTE and yet I got what is seemingly the bad ending. I feel like you should be rewarded with better choices by executing everything perfectly, but you don't.

The choices in this game just felt poorly implemented is what I'm getting at. I honestly feel like I'd need a guide if I ever want to get the good ending due to its nonsensical choices. And at that stage what would even be the point of playing the game, I might as well just look it up on Youtube. Alas, I can't recommend this to anyone.

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PS1: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy IX, Tomb Raider II


Recently beat QUBE and The Bunker. Unfortunately they're the poor man's Splatoon in their respective genre. Yes, I've had fun with both games. No, I don't see the smaller budget they have as something I hold against the game. Just can't understand some of the design choices in both games.

QUBE: why copy Portal this much? It's a fine line between a tribute and just ripping off someone else's game.
The Bunker: clearly made by people with a degree in film instead of gaming. Could have been so much more!

Anyway, back to AAA gaming.

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I finished Firewatch. It was a nice little game. Short but engaging. The story kept my interest, despite a limited gameplay. Voice acting was top notch.
My one complaint was the technical hiccups. There was frame studdering, load times that were just too long for a simple game like this, texture pop in, floating objects, and just poor performance overall. It was not game breaking until the end, when my save file must have been corrupted in the last chapter during auto-save. It just had an infinite loading loop when I tried to pull up the save. I panicked until I remembered my PS4 auto-uploads my saves to the cloud everynight, so I just downloaded the cloud save from night before and just had to repeat about 20 minutes of the game, which is better than having to start over. Unfortunately these kinds of issues shouldn’t be happening so it tainted what was otherwise turning into a great experience. Since I limped through to the end this way, the story’s climax wasn’t quite as impactful because of the disruption of having to reload and repeat.

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@Kidfried Poor man Splatoon and the Bunker? I thought the Bunker was the best FMV game I ever played.

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@Th3solution A common problem, I'm afraid. When it works, it's excellent but my first playthrough was ruined by bugs (worse, bugs that didn't loop or crash anything, so I played the last two chapters in a confuzing mess of guesswork). Played through a second time to get the additional trophies they added later, and it was much better.

The movie will be good.

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@Th3solution The same thing happened to me with Firewatch. Unfortunately loading a save from the cloud didn't fix it for me.

That was a couple of years ago, surprised they haven't released a patch to fix it.


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@themcnoisy Maybe I'm the problem. I might just not be the target audience for this game. I longed for some more interactivity. The sparse interactivity that was in the game still felt forced and irrelevant. And I love walking sims by the way, they can suck me in so easily.

The game requires no engagement at all. It's a movie to me that pauses every 10 minutes and has me look for a hidden play button somewhere rabdomly on the screen.

Also, the game is sluggish. This is a story that could have easily been told in 40 minutes instead of 70. Some scenes go on for too long or add nothing to the drama. Like that Monty Python sketch I was thinking: "get on with it!".

Didn't hate this game, but just didn't feel a connection to it. I might be the only one, though!

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Finished Devil May Cry 2. I actually started to somewhat like the game towards the end but even still, it was overall mediocre regardless. The story was bad, the characters were uninteresting and the gameplay was unintuitive.

Now that I've got the first two DMC out of the way, it's time to play what people regard is the best DMC game, DMC3! Hopefully this game will actually be good.

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Finished Battlefield Bad Company. At first the game seemed pretty meh but over time I started liking it more and more. Fun open world, tons of vehicles to drive, and generic but likeable characters. Overall, great game and I can see why people regard the Bad Company games as having the best campaigns of the Battlefield games.

Having finished BC2 years ago, I'd love to see EA make Bad Company 3 in the future.

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PS1: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy IX, Tomb Raider II


@KratosMD I do fear we'll see less and less traditional campaigns in these shooters, though...

You're on a roll,by the way. Beating games left and right. Love to see how you play across consoles and across generations all the time. I haven't played on anything but my PS4 since 2014 to be honest.

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@Kidfried I feel like if there is one company that still wants to have campaigns in their FPS, it's EA. Battlefield 5 looks to have a pretty deep one. Let's just hope that BC3 comes out before every company stops including campaigns.

I appreciate you noticing that. People usually have trouble playing through their backlog games, but I just go for it especially now that I have more free time. It also helps having many different systems in order to add variety, so it doesn't feel like a "chore" when clearing out my backlog. I just love playing many different games and having a wide array of experiences. You never know what hidden gem you might discover when trying out new games.

I actually haven't played as much as I want on my PS4. Last major game I played on it was God of War back in April. Need to play more games like Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2 and Assassin's Creed Origins!

Best games as voted by the PushSquare community:
PS1: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy IX, Tomb Raider II


Kirby Star Allies

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