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Hi everyone,

We got approval to release just a few seconds of the launch trailer that will be out Friday for Scraper: First Strike! Just a teaser for what's to come later this week with the full trailer.

If you like full-featured RPG shooters with engineering, scavenging, dynamic missions all wrapped in a fun shooter, we hope you check out the game when it is released! Scraper: First Strike has full locomotion, large levels to explore and a bunch of other high-end RPG shooter elements!

Nothing to see here

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Thanks for contributing to the forums, but this clearly falls under self promotion which is against our community rules:

"Do not post adverts; Posts simply to promote your own website, YouTube channel, social media account etc. are not allowed. Instead, you are allowed to include a link in your forum signature."

As a result I'll be locking this thread.


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