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@CrashAndMii I am sorry only one account per user within the network. Just use the same login/account you use on NL. If you wish to discuss further please use the contact form below.

Thanks for understanding

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PSN: Tasuki3711


Hey guys, I've been on here a little while (in the shadows) and I've even played with a few of you! However, I figured it was high time I actually posted on here!
My name is Rhys (as in 'He Who Possesses The Pieces') and my PSN ID is Baitsausage. Feel free to add me, if you see that I have a game that we share and you fancy playing I'll go so far as to redownload a good 80% of them again just for that! I'm currently trying to double down my efforts to actually finish the games I play as I've got an awful habit of just going off piste at the moment.



Hello! Since I just started getting PS Plus again, I think it's about time to start using it and get friends to play with. My PSN ID is Bez_bot and I have lots of games to play so add me if you want!


PSN: bez_bot | Twitter:


My wife is on more than I am but add me sometime

PSN ID: RancidVomit86 - Dayman
Steam - RancidVomit86
PSN - RancidVomit86

Where my friends and I usually get stupid: - Come by hang and visit our Discord. The link for Discord is on the Twitch page.

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Hey guys! You can add me at YeYa_3
Just put that you are from PushSquare.

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PSN: YeYa_3


Hey, feel free to add me:

PSN ID: DexonZero

PSN ID: DexonZero


hi all my psn tag is sonicandtails91 i made it when i was Yong wish i could change it eally way looking for people to play some games with my luck at getting on line games is not grate hope that changes now


PSN: sonicandtails91


@Baitsausage “He who possesses the pieces.”

The wording made me LOL hard. 10/10.

Add my PSN: kyrokigaming
Follow me on Twitter: @Kyr0ki

PSN: kyrokigaming | Twitter:


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