TodayTue, 30th May 2017

  • News Wangle Wonder Woman's Movie Gear in Injustice 2 Event

    End all wars

    A new Multiverse has been added to Injustice 2 enabling you to earn some of Wonder Woman’s gear from the new movie. Available now through 5th June, the event ‘To End All Wars’ will allow you to add several themed cosmetics to Diana’s inventory. Don’t worry if you miss the mission, because you’ll be able to grab the...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.70 Is Available to Download Now

    Steady as she goes

    This latest PlayStation 4 software update may have appeared out of nowhere, but we'd recommend not getting too excited. As many of you will probably have already guessed, firmware 4.70 simply promises better stability and performance. It weighs in at around 340MB, and you'll need to download it in order to make use of your...

  • Reaction Remembering PS3 - The Console That Wouldn't Quit

    Two steps forward, one step back

    The PlayStation 3 showed two sides to Sony. At launch, the device was nothing short of a disaster: overpriced, over-engineered, and out-of-touch with consumers’ wants and needs, it was the manifestation of a decade’s worth of hubris – the product of a company who thought that it could do no wrong. But three...

YesterdayMon, 29th May 2017

  • News Sony Says Goodbye to the PS3 After 10 Years on the Market

    So long, old friend

    Sony has announced that PlayStation 3 production has ended in Japan, which essentially means that the console is done and dusted. Back in March, the company said that the end would soon be coming, and now it's put the final nail in the coffin. The PS3 launched over a decade ago in its homeland; it'll be 11 years old this...

  • Rumour Bloodborne Developer Collaborating with Sony on Aztec RPG

    Or so the rumours say

    Have you heard the rumour about Phantom Wail? This is apparently the latest collaboration between Sony and From Software, ruling out a direct successor to Bloodborne. The story seems to originate from a Reddit post, but it references a “notorious” leaker who isn’t named, so already we’re in sketchy ter

  • News Watch Sony's E3 2017 in Cinemas for Tons of Free Goodies

    Tickets available for free this week

    Good news, the PlayStation E3 Experience is making a comeback, meaning that you’ll be able to watch Sony’s media briefing live in movie theatres yet again this year. A whopping 85 cinemas are taking part in the initiative, and while this does mean that there’ll be a bit of travel involved for some of you,...

  • News Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Is Starting to Sound Like a Nightmare

    Square Enix shifts to internal structure

    When Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared at Sony's E3 2015 press conference, minds were blown. This author isn't ashamed to admit that he stood on his chair, put his hands on his head, and repeatedly exclaimed "no!" like some sort of deranged howler monkey. The excitement was very real back then, but now,...

  • News Shenmue III Will Not Be At E3 2017

    Here's a new character, though

    Many had expected Shenmue III to be on display at E3 2017 next month, but developer Ys Net has ruled that out in an update on the title’s Kickstarter page. “We will be devoting June to game development and, as a result, will unfortunately not be participating in any game shows,” the studio said. It’s still...

  • News Injustice 2 Pulls the Trigger on Red Hood Trailer

    New challenger arrives in June

    Injustice 2 will receive its first DLC drop in June, with Red Hood joining the release’s roster. The masked mercenary – the resurrected ex-Robin Jason Todd – leans heavily on firearms, packing some pretty cool combos with his dual pistols. Check out the trailer embedded above to see pretty much everything he has...

  • News Is Monster Hunter Finally Coming to the PS4?

    Rumours say so, but are they accurate?

    Who doesn’t love a 4chan rumour? Despite the generally dreadful track record of the infamous message board, legit leaks do sometimes crop up on the site, so you can’t always disregard them outright. And this chatter about Monster Hunter 5 has been heating up of late, so we’re going to drop a quick piece...

  • News Gold PS4 Slim to Bring a Bit of Bling to Retail

    Always believe in your soul

    If you’re the kind of person who likes a bit of bling then this gold 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim may be right up your alley. This photograph appeared on Reddit earlier this evening and looks pretty darn legitimate from where we’re sitting, though there’s not much additional information to go along with the snap...

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