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    Review Mothergunship

    Gun game

    Mothergunship feels like it was created in a ‘Random Video Game Generator’. Procedurally generated levels? Yes. First-person shooter? Yes. Bullet-hell shooter? Somehow, also yes. Against all odds, however, it works. Telling the story of an unnamed soldier (that’s you), you’re thrown into a battle against aliens attacking the Earth;...

  • News Sonic Mania Plus Promo Apes Old SEGA Advert

    A whole lot more for less

    Sonic Mania Plus is out tomorrow, bringing the original game back to store shelves with a raft of extra content, such as long lost characters, Mighty and Ray. The wonderfully retro platformer leans heavily into 90s nostalgia, and the above new commercial for the game...

  • News Nathan Fillion Plays the Role He Was Born to in Uncharted Fan Movie

    Watch the full thing now

    Sony’s clearly never going to get the long-rumoured Uncharted movie off the ground, so leave it to Canadian director Allan Ungar to stick a 15-minute fan film online. Clearly a plea from the Gridlocked director to get given the full project, this is a slick clip that sticks closely to the blueprints of Naughty Dog’s...

  • Deals Save Big on PS Plus Subs in the UK

    Half-price on 15 month memberships

    Amazon Prime Day 2018 has arrived amid much marketing melodrama, and you can learn about cheap PS4 Pro deals through the link. Perhaps the best offer, however, pertains to PlayStation Plus, where in the UK you can snag a 15 month membership for just £34.99. Remember you will need

  • Guide Which Yakuza Games to Play and a Yakuza Series Beginners Guide

    Uncle Kaz is here

    SEGA's Yakuza series has been around since the days of the PlayStation 2, but only over the last year or so has it really began to seep into the consciousness of a wider Western audience. This is largely thanks to 2017's Yakuza 0, which sparked a whole new wave of interest on PlayStation 4. It helped, of course, that Yakuza 0 ended...

  • Deals Cheap PS4 Pro, PSVR, and PlayStation 4 Games in UK Amazon Prime Day Sale

    PS Plus memberships also half-price

    Amazon Prime Day 2018 is underway and it’s bringing with it some cheap PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4 deals in the UK. As mentioned, the highlight this year is the 1TB PS4 Pro, which can be yours for as little as £299.99 during the promotional period. The standard 500GB PS4 Slim is also available for £219.00, but...

  • Guide Best PS4 Racing Games

    Which PS4 driving games are on the podium?

    It's no secret that the PlayStation 4 hasn't had the greatest selection of racing games over the years. Arcade racing games especially have mysteriously disappeared, leaving PS4 owners with little choice when they want to put the pedal to the metal. Having said that, we've still been able to rustle up a...

  • News Germany Bans Pre-Orders for Games that Don't Have a Set Release Date

    A good thing?

    This is a pretty interesting story. Over in Germany, products that don't have a set release date -- including video games -- are no longer allowed to be pre-ordered. This means that, for example, you can't go ahead and pre-order something like The Last of Us: Part II, since it has a vague "coming soon" release date attached. The...

  • UK Sales Charts Crash Bandicoot Fends Off New Releases to Remain Number One

    N. Sane

    The latest UK all formats chart is in, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy runs away with another top result thanks to its multiplatform releases last month. It also bests a couple of new entries, with LEGO The Incredibles and the Switch exclusive Octopath Traveler having to settle for second and third respectively. God of War once again...