With all the rumours about Bloober Team potentially working on a new Silent Hill game, it's easy to forget why the team rose to fame in the first place. Its most recent project, The Medium, has finally made the jump to the PS5 and it could very well be the best psychological horror experience on the console.

The story follows Marianne, a medium with the power to travel between the spirit world and the real world, as she explores an abandoned hotel and the events behind the Niwa Massacre. At certain points, you’ll be able to control both the spirit and real world versions of Marianne to help solve some truly great puzzles. Additionally, unlike Resident Evil, the story is front-and-centre here, and will grip you until the very end.

It is undeniable who the target audience of The Medium is. Fans of classic Resident Evil, PT, and of course Silent Hill will immediately feel at home with The Medium. The game borrows elements from each of those games to create a truly terrifying atmosphere that looks and plays great on PS5. The fixed camera angles for example are some of the atmospheric highlights here. Likewise, the extremely limited arsenal at your disposal only adds to the dread you feel as you turn each corner.

While the core gameplay of The Medium is undeniably great, there are some minor issues. Movement speeds are incredibly slow, making traversal a slog. The biggest issue comes from the DualSense’s haptic feedback. The rumble is constantly desynced from the gameplay, which ruins the game’s immersion. There are also several instances of slowdown and frame drops.

While there are some slight technical issues, The Medium is undeniably a fantastic horror game. For fans of the genre, this game gets an easy recommendation.