Every so often, a video game will come along that seemingly defies all preconceived logic and common sense. That can be a good thing, or it can go the way of The Quiet Man. Unfortunately, Last Labyrinth is a PlayStation VR title that very much belongs in the latter category. Its core mechanic is sound enough, if a little stale by this point, but it's the decisions made around the edges that turn this into one of the most baffling experiences we've had inside a virtual reality headset.

Strapped to the confines of a wheelchair, this is an escape room-style undertaking which limits you to just a single interaction. A laser is perched on top of your head, and you'll use this to guide a young girl through various puzzles that range from the insultingly simple to seemingly impossible.

Holding the X button triggers the laser to fire, and the female in question will head to wherever it was pointed. If there's something to interact with there, she'll point to it and you’ll have to confirm whether she should use it or not with either a nod or shake of your own head. And that's the entire game.

We assume there is some sort of narrative that ties each room together, but we couldn't tell you what it is. The entire game is told in a made-up language outside of the main menu and there aren't any subtitles to help. Escape rooms are a great fit for PSVR, and so we have absolutely no idea how Last Labyrinth managed to get things so wrong.