The parade of new content for VR rhythm game Synth Riders continues! To celebrate the first Halloween since the launch of PSVR2, Kluge Interactive is once again celebrating the scariest time of year with free content.

The 2023 Spooky Update includes one free song, Nightmare Cure by DanyloM & Electro Swing Thing. This is a most welcome addition, as it's been quite a while seen we've seen any new electro swing added to the game, and the genre represents many of the game's best tracks.

In addition, the update includes some new decals to decorate your in-game environment with, as well as some seasonal challenges.

Kluge has done an extraordinary job of supporting Synth Riders ever since it launched on PSVR a couple of years ago, and this update is further proof of that. Are you going to check out the new track? Or the seasonal challenges? Sound off in the comments section below.