Persona 5 Tactica Side Content

Atlus has just dropped a load of new information on Persona 5 Tactica, detailing what we can expect outside of the main story missions. As it turns out, you can replay stages to farm experience points, cash, and personas, while also fulfilling side quests for specific rewards like skill tree unlocks and even more persona fusion options. All in all, it sounds like this strategy RPG aims to keep you busy — as we've come to expect from any game with 'Persona' in the name.

And then there's New Game+. We don't yet know how long a full playthrough of Persona 5 Tactica will take, but if you haven't had your fill the first time, you can carry over your persona compendium, money, equipment, and more to a fresh run. As a bonus, you'll also unlock a library of artwork taken from both the finished release and the game's development cycle, which is pretty cool.

How hyped are you for Persona 5 Tactica? Gather your Phantom Thieves and take up strategic positions in the comments section below.

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