Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Post-Launch Updates to Add New Game+, Mission Replay 1

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is about to glide into our lives tomorrow, 20th October 2023. While it does have the odd bug or two (meaning technical issues, not the protagonists), a day one patch should tidy things up — but it's largely a very complete and polished game out of the box. Insomniac Games isn't finished with the sequel just yet, however, as it plans to follow up the launch with some nice post-launch updates.

Responding to a fan on X, community and marketing director James Stevenson said Insomniac is currently "working on an update" to bring New Game+ mode and a mission replay feature to the game. Another user asked roughly when this might arrive, and Stevenson replied it should be "before end of year".

New Game+ is a mode that unlocks after completing the main story, and lets you begin again while carrying over some of your progress. In Spider-Man's case, we imagine your overall level and any gadgets, skills, and abilities you've unlocked/upgraded will move to a New Game+. The mode typically also increases the level of challenge, with stronger enemies or sometimes even different combat encounters.

Mission replay is fairly self-explanatory — it'll give you the option to play previously completed missions again, if you want. If there's a boss fight you really like or want to refresh yourself on a particular chapter, you'll be able to do that once it's added.

Both of these will be welcome additions, and it sounds like they're not too far off if they're coming before the end of 2023. Would you like to see New Game+ and mission replay in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Swing by the comments section below.

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