In collaboration with the established experts at Digital Foundry, Illusion, the "Master of Unlocking", has again succeeded in unleashing the framerate of a PS4 exclusive trapped on that platform, this time with The Order: 1886. Digital Foundry's video shows how the game's then-impressive tech holds up today and what it looks like running at that silky smooth 60 frames per second.

We weren't the biggest fan of it when it launched in 2015, yet The Order has garnered some cult status in the years since. While a proper sequel is unlikely (developer Ready at Dawn was caught up in Meta's layoffs earlier in the year), it's clear that fans loved the game's unique setting and that some appetite for a sequel still exists.

We brought you word of a seismic shift in the console modding community on Monday when the combined powers of Lance McDonald and Illusion were finally revealed to an unprepared world. McDonald's been labouring for years to unlock Bloodborne's tragically limited framerate, and Illusion successfully implemented the promised patch on retail PS5 hardware (voiding the poor machine's warranty forever in the process). It seems likely we'll be seeing more of these unofficial patches in the future.

Again, not to put too fine a point on it, but jailbreaking your console is generally a bad idea, there are many reasons why, and playing god with the PS5 is perhaps best left to slick Shadow Runners like Illusion and McDonald. We'll always be fascinated by their exploits, though.

Now the cat seems to be out of the technical bag, what previously plodding PlayStation game would you like to see come to life at 60fps? Unlock your thoughts in the comments section below.

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