After a period of uncertainty over whether the DLC would even make its April release date, Sony is now fully tooting the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores horn. Pre-orders are now live on the PS Store for £15.99/$19.99, but one key detail you might not know is you need to beat the game's main campaign before you start the PS5 expansion.

Burning Shores is a direct follow-up to the story of Horizon Forbidden West, picking up where the plot left off in the main quest named Singularity. Guerrilla Games has highlighted this important factor in a video, which doesn't contain any new footage. What it does tell us, though, is that Burning Shores begins when Aloy receives a call from Sylens. While it was fairly obvious he was always going to feature in the DLC, it's nice to know the late, great Lance Reddick has another voice acting performance for us to enjoy.

If you need any help fulfilling this requirement to start Burning Shores, our Horizon Forbidden West guide will come in use. The DLC is out for PS5 on 19th April 2023, and adds a new environment to explore alongside the new story beats. Are you prepared to head to LA? Get levelled up in the comments below.