Sony's release slate is looking relatively slim at the moment, but it does have a couple of things up its sleeves that we know about. One of them is Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, a DLC expansion for the action RPG sequel. Announced back in December, we're excited to dive back into the land of robot dinosaurs, but we can't help but notice its absence lately.

Burning Shores is due to release on 19th April 2023, just over a month from now. What we've had so far is the above announcement trailer, a PS Blog post outlining the basic premise, and that's about it. For something that's pretty close to launch, we're surprised we haven't been shown more at this point.

So, here's what we do know. Aloy is travelling south of the main game's map, heading for the titular Burning Shores. Located where Los Angeles used to be, the area is now an archipelago with an active volcano at its centre. The only clue we have as to why she's going there is to investigate a "massive machine threat", which looks to be an active Horus machine. Oh, and this new open world expansion is exclusive to PS5; the PS4 version of the game isn't getting Burning Shores at all.

That information is all well and good, but it's not really much to go on. It doesn't really tell us what to expect gameplay wise, or how the new region will mix things up. The aforementioned blog post (dated 8th December 2022) teases "some details which we look forward to sharing with you very soon". The window for "very soon" has probably passed now.

What's tricky is that Sony has been pretty tight-lipped in general the last year or two; we barely saw anything of God of War Ragnarok before release for example. This quiet patch could simply be down to the company's caginess, then, but on the other hand, it could also be indicative of a delay. If Guerrilla Games really did intend to share more details "very soon", and it hasn't yet, perhaps the expansion simply isn't ready to be shown.

To end on a more hopeful note, there's also the possibility we're on the verge of a Burning Shores info dump, or even a fresh State of Play focusing on the DLC. This period of silence could lead to a big splash, which could quickly make this article look a little dumb in retrospect. We hope that happens, as we're really looking forward to seeing more of what the expansion has to offer.

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