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Scottish synth-pop band CHVRCHES has signalled that the outfit is ready and willing to collaborate with Hideo Kojima again on Death Stranding 2, and they aren't shy about making their intentions known.

Speaking to NME, synth player Martin Doherty commented on working with Kojima again, stating that "there’s nothing formal yet. We’ve talked [and] we’ve hinted heavily at each other that we would both like to collaborate again." Doherty elaborated, explaining that "There’s sort of a dance going on right now. I don’t want to be rejected by all out saying, ‘Can we be on the game please?’ and [Kojima] says no. But I don’t know".

Kojima, for his own part, is keen as well, he just wants to do something particularly Kojima-like in the process. On a recent episode of his Brain Structure podcast, which featured the band as guests, he said, "It would be nice if we could make something work. I wanna do something different, something no one has done before. Having one song in the game is expected, right? So what if we had [CHVRCHES] make like 100 songs or something?”

CHVRCHES contributed to the original Death Stranding soundtrack, with their song Death Stranding being featured prominently during the game's marketing push.

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