DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5 Controller Colours 1
Image: Push Square

Sony loves a good alternative DualSense controller colour, and it’s always safe to assume more are on the way. Fans think they may have discovered what to expect next, however, as the pad’s official warranty page makes reference to two unreleased hues: Metallic Gray and Metallic Red. Presumably, these will form some kind of metallic promotional line, which could extend to face plates as well.

The Japanese giant has been making a big deal of its colour selections, recently also adding them as theme options in the PS App. It’s probably safe to assume this kind of functionality will eventually be expanded to the PS5’s operating system as well, so you can pair your console’s physical colour scheme with what you see on the screen.

DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5 Metallic Red Metallic Gray Sony
Image: Reddit

These new colours could, of course, be a mistake from an over-eager web developer – but this would be a very specific error if that was the case. Our guess is that the hinted hues will be announced at some point later this year – and, to be honest, we’re expecting them to look pretty tasty. Who doesn’t want a metallic controller, after all?

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