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  • News PS App Update Allows You to Match Colours with Your PS5

    Could coloured themes also come to console?

    Sony has made customisation a big part of the PS5 experience, between its physical face plates and spectrum of DualSense controller colours. In a cute and unexpected update, it’s allowing fans to keep its decorative designs consistent, as it’s added hues like Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, Cosmic Red,...

  • News Sony Expanding Support for PS5 Screenshots, Videos on PS App

    Coming to more countries

    Sony’s slowly increasingly the capabilities of the PS App on iOS and Android smartphones, with its Game Capture functionality becoming available in more territories, following a trial in Canada and Japan. Beginning with the Americas – don’t worry Europe, more regions will follow imminently – you’ll soon be able to...

  • Hands On The New PS App Is a Humongous Upgrade

    There's an app for that

    Hands up if you use the PlayStation App? It was pretty rubbish, right? We had it installed on our iPhone, but we barely used it because it was slow and functionally quite poor. All of the messaging features were contained in a separate app, and the PS Store effectively booted a Safari page. Yeah, you could see what your...