Update: In a separate Twitter message, MultiVersus developer Player First Games has confirmed that Gizmo and Stripe will both be unique additions to the platform fighter’s roster – and Gizmo is coming first, on 6th September. Are we all excited, then?

And just like that, Gremlins’ Gizmo is coming to MultiVersus – er, next week! The game’s official Twitter account nonchalantly tweeted earlier today that the iconic 80s fur ball will be joining the platform fighter’s roster from 6th September. Our regular reader Porco will be pleased!

We already knew Stripe was entering the arena, and it’s unclear whether he’ll accompany Gizmo – or if they’ll even share a single roster spot! All will hopefully be revealed in the coming days, ahead of the character’s official launch.

MultiVersus has been adding fighters at a frighteningly fast pace, with LeBron James and Morty both added since the title’s open beta launched in July. We know that DC Comics’ Black Adam will join the fight later this season, with dataminers also digging up code for Fred Flinstone and Harry Potter!

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